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  1. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    Absolutely, though the time frames have yet to be settled.
  2. cplmac's Avatar
    Is it safe to presume that there will be other segments to come, ie. East, North, South, etc.?
  3. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    Good news! We will have Male and Female Aigulf miniatures available for sale at MarsCon!
  4. Richard Littles's Avatar
    Awesome and you spell checked... I'm so proud of you
  5. JasonYarnell's Avatar
  6. Farcaster's Avatar
    Very nice. So, this is a discussion group mailing list, not just a mailing list for announcements from d3?
  7. Farcaster's Avatar
    Aye, paint is going to make a world of difference for these guys. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product as well.
  8. Richard Littles's Avatar
    Sounds awesome man and I can't wait.
  9. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    LOL, no treats for you!

    I'm reall looking forward to getting the display models painted up. Blue Table Painting will be getting the pleasure.
  10. Richard Littles's Avatar
    Does each blister come with a complimentary doggie treat?

    Those turned out really nice J and I can't wait to see what they look like painted.
  11. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    The campaign is moving along nicely now, we have 4 players and the game has moved to my house. Unlike most of my campaigns, there isn't a single frontline combatant in the party. As it stands we have the following members:

    Adrian who is playing Darius, the son of a military deserter who took up as a rogue/scout to make a name for himself. He must now find the killers of the father whose shadow he had been trying to get out from under.

    Anne who is playing Lady Enneth, an Atharian Mage of the Sevda Seal and daughter to the now deceased Lady Miel. Lady Enneth is now trying to solve two murders, that of her mother and that of her streetwise boyfriend.

    David who is playing Jack, the (wait for it) Jack-of-all-trades who has lately taken on the role of a traveling merchant, but with the death of his fiance in Pesell Township, he is now out for revenge.

    Tracy is playing Lydia, Lady Miels advisor and classmate of Lady Enneth at the Royal Academy. Lydia is an Atharian Mage of the Estheria Seal and will be tasked by Lady Liriss (in the name of Baron Kriman, of course) to find the murderers of Pesell Township.
  12. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    So this Sunday was met with a resounding whimper. two of the nine potential players showed up, the rest having decided to play another game. The irony is that I was worried about having to drop people.

    The good news is that my wife has just finished her MBA and is no longer in school, freeing her up for gaming. She will be joining us for her first chance to play in the Kamarathin setting. She intends to play an Aigulf warrior of some sort which will give some muscle to the two characters already in design; a Tursh Sage and a Tursh Jack-of-all-Trades.

    Next Sunday is a wash as the mom-in-law is arriving on Thursday and what with the holidays coming, we may not see actual game time until January. But that's ok, as it gives me time to find a fourth player and make sure everyone's characters are well developed and ready.
  13. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    Wow, so 9 people showed up. I honestly wasn't expecting more than maybe 4. This places me in an awkward position in that I now need to trim the group down to 5.

    Everyone I met were good peeps, though I can already see with my whom my GMing style will clash and a couple decided to play with their PSP's rather than participate in the meet and greet...oddly those were also the people I feel will chafe under my game.

    Only one of the players actually owned a copy of K:KoT and I gave them a "task" of sorts to have completed by next Sunday. I asked them to send me a character concept by email that includes a write-up about the character and how he/she relates to both the party and the setting. Thi should separate the wheat from the chaff.

    As for the environment...well, it was borderline standing room only. The store was packed. Great for the store, bad for gaming. I could barely hear myself talk, I can't imagine actually running a game there. Going to have to think about the situation a bit more before I jump in whole hog.

    But, in summary, a really good experience and I'm still excited about running a game.
  14. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    So today is the meet and greet. A little nervous, a little excited and very curious to see who these people are.
  15. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    Ok, here they are (I apologize for the front photo, it got washed out by the flash).
    We currently have XL in stock, each are $17.95, other sizes are available upon request but will have to wait for a decent order size before I can get them printed.
    If you'd like one of these fine shirts just drop me an email (still working on getting the online store up and running).

  16. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    So nearly all of the Religious packages from Chapter 2 are finished. I have a couple of Shaman types and paladin types to finalize. The author of Chapter 4 has received his bribe to convert his Atharian mages over.

    Mucked around with some of the armor and weapon conversions as well, that might actually end up being faster than I expected.

    So all-in-all, the conversions are coming along swimmingly. Even have a playtest PbP group formed on HeroCentral and so far their feedback has been very helpful.
  17. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    Ok, the shirts are going to retail for $17.95

    add $2 for every 'x' above XL

    We are taking orders by email until our online store is up in november.
  18. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    We are all truly grateful that a solution was found before the collapse of civilization. With this, it is now safe to make plans for beyond 2012.
  19. Farcaster's Avatar
    Wow! I'm glad that is solved now.
  20. JasonYarnell's Avatar
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