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  1. The Angelics: meet Kithanimus

    The oneshot continues...

    Stretching their powers in discovery and struggling with their new identities, the tattooed angelics sought a church for answers. They discovered a potential corruption behind the curtain and followed it to the cemetery, which lead them to an underworld library and a town full of people that the angelics had difficulty fathoming.
    Uncertain after witnessing these people struggle to save a large wolfman trapped under an overturned car, and impressed ...
  2. The Angelics: discover ghouls

    We picked up from the last session to continue the one shot (two-shot?).

    The PC's discovered that their Angelic blood could turn humans into ghouls or vampires.
    The PC's walked into a trap at a nightclub in Detroit, where the good looking and friendly ghouls waited for their meal to fall victim to their well laid plans for dinner.
    Stretching their roleplaying muscles, the Players managed to learn a lot by having their characters cleverly kidnap a ghoul leader, narrowly ...
  3. The Angelics

    I ran a one shot last Thursday, and it went so well that it might turn into a longer campaign or a mini-series.

    The year is 2020, and a few breakthroughs in technology and setbacks in laws have allowed some of the fringe technofiles to implant biotech into their bodies to little benefit other than having web access that works more often than not. Cities have gotten bigger, populations are over whelming the water supply, harder to avoid being affected by the constant darkening of ...

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  4. Siedon

    He recently discovered an unusual characteristic within his own family members, and as a result has set out on a quest to discover if he has these traits as well.

    Siedon's family displays the following characteristics: Selfless acts that make others miserable. (Mother purchases a very expensive Doppledog because she believed her son would find it adorable. Knowing her son does not like animals, mother keeps the pet for herself after her son spends one hour with the insane creature.) ...
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