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  1. The Angelics: new digital world

    Bacchus returned to the PC's through a dream and quested them to deliver a lost item to the stone seers. Their bodies encased in an ambrosia gel to preserve them, the characters found themselves in new bodies in new world where everyone lived a digital life as well as real, and the line between reality and the virtual were crossed from birth.

    The party soon discovered their powers worked differently in this world, and have yet discovered how to feed. The Order of Hermes, quasi peace ...

    Updated 07-09-2009 at 04:00 PM by ronpyatt

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  2. The Angelics: freeing Bacchus

    Determined to find their origins, the party used all their supernatural talent to delve the mysteries of their newly discovered artifacts. They discovered clues and used that knowledge to point them to a place deep in the Congo, a place long forgotten.

    Using a final piece to an ancient gate, a horn to beckon forth a cage beyond the mists, and a key to shatter the bars that held him, the party freed the god Bacchus.

    For the party's actions favors were granted, and questions ...
  3. The Angelics: treasure and rescue

    The party scuffled with more ghouls and priests as they sought out and found the place that hid artifacts of old. Among the many items found a few strange treasures of obvious power hinted at their Angelic origins.

    Loosing track of their vampire companion, the blood magus quickly discovered his beloved vampire had been imprisoned and placed upon a bleeding rack by an ancient of ash, vampire kin, in order to feed their ancestors.

    Combining their Angelic strength and ...
  4. BYO Dead

    I thought I'd post this before I forget. Just an idea I had for a game where every PC had some relation to necromancy, necrotic, or undead. Not sure what system would work well for it, but one that would allow the PC's to come from a world based upon the unliving, the rotting, and be nearly completely devoid of actual life.

    I don't know where I'm going with this, but I'll bring it up to my group for discussion.
  5. The Angelics: shop after death

    Upon waking the blood magus proclaimed his desire to go to the Vatican to seek out items that were stolen long ago. Eager to go shopping after their killing spree, the Angelics happily offered to transport everyone to Milan. The party pulled their collected strength to attempt a teleport to half way round the world. The resulting pain was debilitating.

    They resolved to recover their strength via Prada and the unveiling of indecencies, despite the store managers objections.
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