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  1. Much Improved Hero System

    Hero System Fans,

    Do you have the Hero System 6th Edition?

    I've been reading through the 2 volume set of the latest edition of Hero System, and it really has me psyched about trying out all the new features.

    They've made so many changes since my introduction into the 3rd Edition and enough changes from 5th to warrant a 6th edition. These changes include one of the most drastic changes to the system: the removal of derived characteristics, which will irritate ...

    Updated 10-06-2009 at 12:12 PM by ronpyatt

  2. Dawn of World

    After reading through Dawn of Worlds, I had to try this game. We picked up drawing pencils, a sheet of 3' by 4' paper, erasers, sharpeners, and tape to hold the paper to the table. There were 5 of us.

    The first night we got comfortable with the rules, and began shaping the land. Very cool, if a bit slow going at first. By the end of the 2nd day, we had a detailed map of the world.

    In short, the rules tell ...
  3. The Angelics: stealing more questions

    Wanted for crimes against the state and ready to flee underground, the party knew they could not leave their mission. They had to risk everything to gain access to the base tower in Order of Hermes. With the help of some custom designed stealth technology and a family member on the inside, they managed to slip in and gather a bit of information from the sacred database.

    It wasn't long before they tripped some alarm and had to leave, narrowly escaping what would have been an instant ...
  4. The Angelics: somebody's watching

    Just as the party was about to set aside some time to reverse engineer some valuable software, they encountered an angel with the potential to help them solve a few mysteries. The Order quickly tracked down this new angel friend when this angel tried to make a quick and dirty deal for fast money. They captured and took that angel away.

    The party soon realized they were being watched, their captured friend knew too much, and the party was afraid their secret would fall into the hands ...
  5. The Angelics: earn a little

    Lars, their curious AI, introduced the party to the undermarket denizens, leaving them to fend for themselves in a quest for credit and special software that would render them invisible. Along the way they discovered the deliciously vaporous nature of AI's on the seedy side of the market. A brief encounter with a member of the Order of Hermes answered a critical question about who they would be feeding upon, but this brought them no closer to their quest. Last but not least, a random shooting crippled ...
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