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  1. Valen Antel - Adventure Night 2

    *Dm Notes

    *This was our second night of running 4E. Most of the encounters were designed to allow those of us not use to 4E a chance to catch up.

    Continuing from the previous week.

    We welcomed the addition of a new player, brining a Warden to the group, and the total to 6.

    *Since this was a 'training' session, i didn't want to roleplay all the players meeting eachother again, so the Warden took the place of our paladin, who was unable to attend. ...
  2. Valen Antel - First Nights Adventure

    Finally a full fledged 4th Edition game...lets see how it went:

    * Dungeon Master Notes

    SETTING: in the village of Talaverberger in the West Shore Province.

    INTRODUCTION: After years of listening to all the old adventures tell their tales in the villiage in (The Blue Anvil), our heroes have decided to set out to make their own tales, legends. Years ago, they found a hidden tunnel leading ...
  3. Valen Antel : the Pittbull

    Tucked away in the shadows, or rumored to be hidden in another time or dimension, lies the fantasical tavern known as THE PITTBULL.

    Run by an old dwarven warrior, named Ringo, the Pittbull offers heroes from all walks, a place to relax, let loose, and even find a little more adventure.

    The painting above, is one I did, long ago, to memorialize some of the best players, and characters that took part ...
  4. Valen Antel (World Map)

    The World of Valen Antel is an aincient world, currently set in the 24th Year of Emperor Kalenor.

    Populated mostly by Humans, there are small pockets of other civiliasations and small kingdoms scattered throughout.

    Valen Antel's known land is 1000 leagues from East to West. It is mostly temperate, wooded and plains. Through its center spreads 'the Great Waste' A land inhospitable to all but the most sturdy ...

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  5. Valen Antel

    Valen Antel is my own home build gaming world.

    Although originally designed for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, I have adopted it over the years for Dungeons and Dragons.

    Valen Antel was once a High Fantasy world, where teleportation was everywhere, Gypsy caravans sold Holy Avengers and Dragons lived in every city.

    That of course, has changed over the centuries, and now its a cold world, populated mostly by Humans, with fantastical races being pushed out ...
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