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  1. Just got done with party and my first time ever being DM!!!

    My story was well written and I had some really good parts, but I am not a good DM. I can write the adventures but when it comes down to actually being in control of the dungeon, my lack of full knowledge of all the rules really shows and I ended up giving out information and I made the mistake of not making a key system for the final boss and they ended up attacking him first. I made some mistakes but it worked out b/c without those and me dumbing down the boss, they woulda been toast. I had to ...
  2. My first time DMing and my birthday party tommorrow

    I'm gonna have my birthday party tomorrow and try my hand at being a DM with my group. It should start around midnight tomorrow so I'll prolly update this thing saturday evening. Went to Mongolian BBQ today for my birthday