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  1. New Scenery and Early Sessions

    Last week I told my group about my two latest reading projects:

    1. Everything having to do with Conan the Cimmerian
    2. The Kalevala - Finland's National Epic and likely the inspiration for the Bard (only, you know, powerful) and the Nightmare in D&D.

    They decided to change the setting of our potential Pathfinder game from Eberron to a mash-up of the Conan-o-verse (Hyboria) and the Kalevala-verse; I'm f***ing ecstatic!

    (Note: I'm really tempted to ...
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  2. I can be a LG RPG Pirate?

    I just started Pathfinder recently (only 1 session, so no serious judgments yet) and it has brought up the same old questions surrounding Pirating (since much of Pathfinder started off as free PDFs from what I understand).

    I think that all too often music, video games, and even rpg books/materials are outrageously overpriced and that in many cases it would even be logical for them to be freeware. However, how could any artist or developer afford to keep going if everyone steals? ...