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  1. New character

    I have decided to play a Ranger, i pick all ranged ablity's and powers. i will be a bad ass with a longbow. I have yet to make up a background but my race is a half-orc,which will make is interesting to play. Going to have to grow a beard and wear a hooded cloak in town. I will still keep Arn... I will find a game for him trust me. I will be the first time i have played a ranger so it wiill be fun.
    On a heavier note i am having surgery tomorrow to put a fistula in my arm so i can have hemo-dyalsis ...
  2. looking for a game

    Well its july 8th and i'm looking for a game to play,D&D game.i love to roleplay and make believe. sounds funny but it's nice to get away from things, real life can get boring and down right sucky. So i must find some friends online to play.... i've found openrpg and Maptools for playing D&D online, never done it before but will give it a try. I made up a charactor, it's a figher eladrin some kind of new elf in 4E,the sound like a cool race being able to teleport.... it's called fey step. ...

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