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  1. Having fun as a player

    For so long I have been a DM. Although it is great fun telling a compelling adventure story and furious combat. It was a breath of fresh air after almost getting my character's brains bashed in to relish in the glory of surviving yet another adventure. What's more is getting to see the othe side of the screen for once. Another bonus is not having to prep for the next game except maybe to grab the dice and charcter sheet on the way out the door.
    I have been posting the adventure logs to my ...
  2. Kick off game

    Dusk til Dawn a GURPS Cyberpunk campagne

    The kickoff game was a fantastic success. Intensity, intrigue, violence ,and bloodshed. The mission is still not complete and time is ticking...will the team make the deadline or die trying.
  3. Dusk til Dawn (Gurps Cyberpunk)

    Its almost off the ground. I have nearly finished the background data for the campaign. It is set in Houston, Texas year 2040. I will try to keep it as sensible as possible yet exciting and fast paced. You can find it on Obsidian Portal under the name Dusk til Dawn.

    Updated 10-04-2009 at 04:42 PM by ssveter

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  4. Finally back to roleplaying

    Yes I am finally back. After having the inlaws for a couple weeks. I am just now getting back into gaming. Although I am also getting started in some online college classes, geography and algerbra. I'm in the process of spinning up a GURPS Cyberpunk campaign while I simultaneously keeping the D&D game running. So thats that. As soon as I have the chance I will get a slightly better than tentative schedule posted.
  5. Well its about time

    Ok everyone I have opened a blog and a link to my D&D game website http://www.obsidianportal.com/campai...eadventurepath

    Things are little on hiatus right now since I just got back from a short trip to lovely Ft Polk, LA. All I can say is its steamy there.
    As soon as I get back into the family groove here at the home front I set up the next date for a game.

    Until then I bid you all a pleasant day.