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  1. Mournstorm's Avatar
    If you're interested in Arduin you might visit

    It's a Yahoo Group dedicated to Dave Hargrave's Arduin. Game's still alive, just so's ya know.
  2. scars_of_carma's Avatar
    Good blog but what do you mean by "social contracts to avoid common sense and courtesy"?
  3. Etarnon's Avatar
    I have most of those games, and we'll be playing two of them this winter. Look for them on Ebay, most are about 20 for the box set, etc.
  4. templeorder's Avatar
    I and some old school friends just started work on a Strombringer 2 adventure (not D20!)... so yea, i know the feeling! I'd say yes if i was near, but it sounds like i'm gonna get my own fix in soon.
    Updated 09-02-2009 at 10:20 PM by templeorder (spell)
  5. michael's Avatar
    I would love to. Any chance you would commute to Miami, FL to GM?
  6. cigamnogard's Avatar
    I have done this for Battletech and it works out very well but have not been able to do it for D&D.
  7. Farcaster's Avatar
    Perhaps something you might try is a combination game where you use something like Skype to setup a conference call and also use an online dice roller. That way it is voice and you wouldn't have to type everything out.
  8. korhal23's Avatar
    You know, I used to like static initiative, when I first started playing. The I liked rerolling every round. But once I discovered fluid initiative, where your actions determine your bonus or penalty to initiative for next round, everything else pales in comparison.