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  1. getting somebody to play your BBEG(big,bad evil guy)

    I have been fortunate in the past to have somebody play an big boss type. He couldn't play in my game but wanted to make a contribution. I let him play the head of the thieves guild, I gave him information as to what I had and he ran with it.

    He thought of things that I hadn't and it made a difference in the style and tenor of the campaign. I realized that he had taken some of the control of the campaign and I found it refreshing that I also had to react as the law enforcement of ...
  2. city adventures

    I decided that I wanted to do a city adventure for the two games I am currently running. This marks a departure for me and my old group. We used to have a combination of things within the campaign.

    What I did to help set it up was to create a dateline with regular events, and special events. In another forum the guy described how he did his. I chose excel to make the table. I set up the dates, I have a program which does the weather and I put that in one of the columns as well as ...
  3. great to have people help in your game

    I ran my face to face game yesterday. The group was to invade a ship to sink it. The ship was carrying a large amount of pepper which the owner of the ship wanted to flood the market driving down prices significantly. Some interests opposed it and hired the group to remove the ship.

    I had some friends who I contacted to run the crewmen. I gave them the stats the layout of the ship and a bit of direction and let them work out the defense.

    They gave me the basics of their ...
  4. first online chat game

    Last night I ran my first online chat game. I was curious about the feel vs face to faces games that I have been running for many years. I found that it was more tiring than running a f2f game. Speech is so much easier than typing constantly. I also found that it seems easier for the players to lose track of whats going on with all the text flying about. I think the dice roller isn't truly random, watching other people roll and within the game the extremes seem to crop up more often.
  5. my house rules

    I think that every dm or ref does something different than the rules state. Here are some of mine. my game is 3.5 D&D

    Combat: I have inititiave rolled every round. I personally like the chaos that ensues with people sweating whether or not they will be in a bad pickel. Some claim it takes longer, we have been doing it for so long its second nature.

    For this current campaign, I used the actually con score + con modifier for starting hit points. It allowed me to ...
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