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  1. Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser-Fritz Leiber

    There were many influence books for original D&D. Many of them are out of print or only just being brought back into print. When I talk with people on this site, it is amazing to me that many of them have never heard of the books or the authors. I find this a shame as most of them are a great deal of fun to read. I will be starting this with the books by Fritz Leiber and his creations, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

    Fafhrd and the Grey Mousers are loners by nature. Fafhrd ...
  2. games from the past arduin

    I know that many of you only know of D&D as it is the king of the roost, however back in the dark days of Role-playing circa 1975-1980 there were other games, some good, some not so good and some of them have influences on things to this day.
    This particular game was named Arduin and it appeared in 1977 about the same time as the first edition monster manual. Yes the monster manual was the first of the AD&D books to appear. Anyway Arduin was a setting written by a man named David ...
  3. changes

    I consider myself old school about a lot of things in gaming. I grew up putting everything to paper and keeping copious records of my games. I found my first player by advertising in a gaming magazine. He had some friends and we were off and running. My major tabletop group I met while working in a game store and at least three of them are still with me after thirty years of gaming.
    I find myself amazed by the progress of technology and how it has changed the gaming scene. The proliferation ...
  4. adventurer commandments

    This is written for the benefit of all dungeon style adventurers. It is somewhat tongue in cheek and old school in style but should be of benefit to dungeoners. Please feel free to add to the list.
    Commandments for adventurers
    1. You shall minimize losses by only keeping your distance from an unopened chest or door till the rogue is done.
    2. You shall move to the side of the rogue after he is successful to ensure that he doesn’t get the best part of the treasure, ...
  5. first online chat game part two

    This is a continuation of my impressions about online chat from the July 14 blog. Now that I have some additional experience doing a chat game I have taken some additional steps to try to improve and speed up the experience. I decided to use maps and posted them to the group site and had everybody reference them for combat. This is working out ok. I have the maps gridded so the players can at least have a common reference. There are a couple of drawbacks one is , the players have far more ...
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