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  1. What the heck is happening in this RPG picture? The Legend of Weathertop


    This is it, the first RPG product I ever encountered. I bought it at the school book fair. This was a gamebook, one of those books that combined dice rolling with Choose Your Own Adventure style numbered entries. If I remember correctly it was a hex crawl followed by a dungeon crawl. You had to find the ...
  2. D&D and Anime

    One of the most common arguments I have seen against 4th Edition D&D is that it has abandoned “pulp style” for “anime style”. Usually this charge is leveled by members of the “old school” community that seem to feel that only books listed in Appendix N can ever influence D&D. I find this charge to be ridiculous. Anime is the modern day pulp. This is quite literally true in the printed form of the style, manga.

    Manga tend to be printed on cheap paper in digest sized books. ...
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  3. Surfing with the Alien: 6/25/09

    Came across this today at Game Set Watch, a steampunk PS3.

    There is an interesting post over on Kill Ten Rats comparing the MMO grind to rats running in a maze. The author points out that MMO devs do everything possible to make us spend as much time in the maze as possible. They want us to enjoy the maze, we only want the cheese at the end. There are suggestions about putting more puzzles in the maze to make it better. My suggestion would be to get rid of the cheese. I play ...
  4. Come play my blog word game

  5. Another Life #2

    I decided to roll up a Labyrinth Lord character for today. Labyrinth Lord is a D&D Basic/Expert clone, and as someone who came into RPGs with D&D Basic I think it is very well done. I rolled the character the only way a read D&D Basic player does 3d6 straight down the line.

    Dex: 9
    Con: 15
    Int: 15
    Wis: 17
    Cha: 10

    Wow, can't ask for much better rolls than that. Why can't I roll those stats when it counts for something? ...
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