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  1. My MapTool macros

    I did that short series on how to setup MapTool for a tabletop game, and creating some basic macros to handle the dice rolls for you. I figured I ought to show the stuff that I ended up making for the game I'm playing. Its still being fix and added too, but its pretty functional. Its specifically for D&D 4th Edition, so unless you're playing that game it'll only be useful to see complete and allegedly working macros.

    In the attached Zip file there are 5 files. Lets start by ...

    Updated 06-01-2010 at 06:31 AM by Q-man

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  2. Mini Painting

    I've never been very artistic, any good drawings that I've done tending to be doodles comprised of basic shapes like circles and squares. So the thought of me painting miniatures just seemed like a prelude to failure, so I never tried. During all the tabletop games I've played I just used the prepainted mini's or borrowed some from another player. Recently though some of my friends have been explaining that its not nearly as hard as I thought it was, there's some simple tricks that you can use to ...
  3. Scepter Tower of SPellgard [Part 8]

    The party awoke in the monastery, not all of them had a restful night. Apparently consciences were heavy after what happened with the wererats.

    Over a breakfast of bacon and eggs they discussed what they should do next. After a while they decided that they should return to the wererat warren under the ramparts. It still is their only lead, and perhaps there was still a chance they could make things right.

    As they entered the ramparts it was quiet and empty. It appeared
  4. Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 7]

    Thus far the party had always taken the direct approach to things. Decisions were quick and typically involved using weapons. For fun I decided to guilt them a little bit about their rash actions by suggesting that the wererats might have been innocents they attacked and killed.

    By the module they are in a hack and slash section of the adventure, so really they were supposed to kill the wererats. That doesn't mean I can't mess with them, besides it turned into some fun role play.
  5. Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 6]

    After some difficulties with scheduling for the past couple of months, we're finally back to the adventure! In reality we've had two sessions, so we were back to it a while ago. I've just been lazy about typing up a synopsis.

    Edric apparently caught some disease from fighting with the wererats, the following morning he refused to get out of bed. Alerat, Fez, and Miabe didn't feel like wasting the morning so they set off to the ramparts without him.

    Edric had explained
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