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  1. Designing Skill challenges

    Previously I rambled on about the ways in which I use skill challenges, and a bit about what lead me to that opinion. Iím still not done wasting time going on and on about these challenges. Having them lumped in with combat means that careful design of the challenges is key. Just like you canít randomly grab monsters and drop them on the battlemat and expect the encounter to be any good, you canít just toss in a skill challenge and expect it to work well.

    Obviously the first thing ...
  2. Skill Challenges

    In the D&D 4E games Iíve been running Iíve been trying to make use of Skill Challenges periodically. Reading about them I really love the way that game mechanic feels, since it gives you a direct way to engage the players with a purely role play scenario. The trouble is that thus far I havenít had much success incorporating them into the game sessions. I know thereís been a ton of stuff written about them already; but none of it was said by me, which I think means that still more needs to ...
  3. Adventure Design

    Iíve recently started DMing quite a bit, its been several years and a couple editions of D&D since Iíve done so. I think the last time I ran a significant campaign was back with 2E. The rules have changed quite a bit, but the tasks that you need to do as a DM havenít really changed much. As Iím relearning those tricks I figured Iíd type up some of the notes so that if I take a lengthy break again I wonít forget quite as much.

    One of the first problems that Iíve run into is ...
  4. Generic D&D 4E Power macro

    Not long ago I was asked for help writing MapTool macros for a D&D 4E character. I came up with the idea that writing a single generic macro that could fit most of the powers would be the way to go. This way you could just copy the macro over and over for each power rather than create a new power for each one.

    Since the macro would be loaded by a player and not the GM of the game I couldn't rely on there being anything built into the campaign properties, so the macro needed ...
  5. So you want to try a tabletop game online?

    So you want to play a table top game, but your job has you on the road a lot, or maybe your group all grew up can't meet every Saturday to continue the campaign. So you start thinking about using an online tabletop to keep things going. There's a number of different options that you can try in order to make this work, and it might be tough trying to figure out which one is the best choice for your game. You'll need two things to make this work: a way to show the encounters to the players so that ...
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