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  1. Sandbox revisted.. The Northen Western Lands.

    It has been awhile since I went back to my Sandbox game, but today I will jump back into the fray.

    When I last left off I was finishing the Continent of the Vos. Now I will be trailing North West across the Bjornhold sea to a place that many didn't like to travel. The Esurdians called it the Darklands. It was a place of barbarity and primeval horrors. This was the home of the barbarian Minotaurs and their Beholder masters. There was also a population of savage humans who worshiped dark ...
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  2. DA: Vampire pbp here

    So I have created a social group with the basic title for the Chronicle as Darkness at the Crossroads. I am actually excited about this and hope to have it running sometime in July. I am hoping to find a few more players though and hopefully this blog post will help out as well as a post on the original thread.
  3. WoD DA:Vampire my basic rules

    So Dice roller will be:

    character and chronicle resources can be found here: all under OWoD Dark Ages

    I will be using The Rule Book, Book of the High and Low Clans (or the Liber Sanguinis if you don't have the updates), The Road books, Dark Ages Europe, and I'll add more as we narrow down the story line.

    I will ask that all interested will let me know where the story will take place, ...
  4. The things I run when I am down a player or two

    Well this Saturday I am down a player, so I decided to run my on-going DA: Vampire Chronicle Heresies of the Beast.

    When I last left off the Coterie de facto leader, as she can dominate the hell out of all of them, lost her prized ghoul as she was staked in her Haven and the ghoul was dragged out by invading Nosferatu.

    This ghoul was body crafed by and Elder Cainite for her hospitaly when he visited Milan. He even went so far as to reprogram the ghoul's mind that she thought ...
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  5. Remember it is Free RPG Day this Saturday

    To see which store is participating go here:

    On a side note After i travel to get my stuff I am going to run my Dark Ages Table Top game, that I haven't run in like two months. It will feel good to actually have a system that allows you to really with your players.

    Add to this I convinced my wife that we need to have All Flesh Must be Eaten, and she did not even think about it. Score!
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