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Tower Lord

  1. Things change

    I gave up on the T&T idea. Yes people play it but they are few and far between. This is not a bad thing; I really did it to see if I could create a new group and gave it time to see if it would develop.

    So, on to new things. Iím going back to D&D, this time 4.0. I have spent many years playing 3.5 and need something simpler to play and enjoy. I find 4.0 is easy to create for, yes, itís a far cry from original D&D but the game itself is still there.

    Wish me ...
  2. Itís still there, being persistent

    A persistent world is one that a GM designs to continue to exist from adventure to adventure. This world setting defines the laws, the gods, races even the weather patterns. By having a fixed world the game takes place in allows the players to grow comfortable in a known environment, allows the learning of lore that underlines the world, and lets them see how their collective actions can shape the world around them as they play.
    Beyond living and dying, a characters action should have some ...
  3. Life in the Sand Box

    Sandbox play is a setting that allows open adventure and exploration and the players are not bound to a specific goal or Meta plot to resolve. This does not mean that they will not have goals set in game during said adventuring and exploration, but these goals would rise from the setting and would be open for resolution or not.
    An example of sandbox play is the game Oblivion:
    Which has both an overarching plot, a land ...
  4. The return home

    Starting out in the day I had access to other materials than the official TSR game material. Companies like GameLords , LTD were also on the scene creating new material for the fledgling game. Not to digress, if you were lucky you had purchased a little gem of a booklet called The Complete Tavern, one of the best tavern books out there and one I still reference.

    Side note #1: True old school types have access to original publications dating back to THE DAY.
    Side note #2: We ...
  5. Daddy Thoughts

    Busy week. My son graduated from 1st grade this week and became a Wolf in the scouts. Spent a good week with the family and these events. My son is 7 and an only. We have a late life family here and we love it.
    Seeing a person grow and learn and develop before your eyes is a moving, difficult and rewarding experience. Iím glad I have the opportunity to be a Dad. One of my number one Thanks God in my prayer list.
    He is exposed to gaming; we play Lego Star Wars on the PS3. Itís one of ...
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