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  1. Old Campaigns (Part 4)

    Las Vegas: the Final Nights (Hunter)

    This was supposed to be a normal chronicle for Hunter: the Reckoning, but I had two players drop out which left me with just two...

    Carl Johnson was an ex-felon, drug addict, and father of two. He married a meter maid and worked as a janitor at a local high school.

    Wolfgang was a German immigrant who was obsessed with a childhood crush now working as a showgirl.

    The chronicle was mainly introductory and followed ...
  2. Old Campaigns (part 3)

    Prophecy of Shadows (Werewolf)

    This was a mini-chronicle because I only had two players. These two characters, and an NPC attempted to enter the Umbra to seek out a spirit for information regarding the disappearence of one of the Sept's Elders.

    Instead of arriving in the near Umbra, the three Garou found themselves in the Legendary Realm, where the legends of the Garou are replayed over and over for eternity.

    Their clothing and gear shifted to suit their ...
  3. Old Campaigns (part 2)

    The Outcast Chronicles (D&D3e)

    This campaign was inspired by the Marvel Comics title the Exiles and the classic TV show Sliders. Yeah, I even liked it after the death of my favorite character.

    As far as campaign world was concerned, the players could be from any medieval fantasy world, from Eberron to Narnia to a homebrewed world. For homebrews I asked the players to give me a short explanation of their world. One player decided his wizard was from a world where ...
  4. Old Campaigns (part 1)

    These are brief descriptions of the games I have GMd, feel free to borrow anything that sounds interesting. What good is a social hobby if there's no sharing?

    1. Paladin Quest! (D&D3e) - The exclamation point IS necessary. This campaign took place on Earth a couple of thousand years after a nuclear war destroyed the bulk of humanity. Humans in remote areas survived, though the infrastructure of society had crumbled to the point that most technology was useless. Knowing how to ...