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  1. Mage the Awakening

    dark days are apo0n us. An evil is creeping over the city of Providence. The supernaturals are being called and are packed in tight. They are starting to eat their own. In a weeks times the excessive Vampire population of about 70 leechs have purged their bellies to leave only 4. Werewolves prolwled the streets in the entire Metroploitan area. Scores of wolves fought for dominace. The are now scattered with a little more than a dozen left.

    The changelings suffered two nights of terror. ...
  2. back again

    Have this friend with out a computer and I let him use mine when he comes over. Four of us get together on Tuesday, me Josh, Daune and Roger. We generally talk and game. Duane came over and while we were waiting went upstairs to use the pc, no real big deal. Josh shows up and I yell up to Duane that we were going to play and was he going to. He yelled he was and we waited.

    About 10 minutes later I yelled up again and he said he would be right down so the rest of us sat around bsing. ...
  3. first blog, look ma no hands

    ok, I am not sure how to do this so I will start in the middle of the story and go right to the begining.

    Ahem, I am a 38 (39 on May 17) stay at home dad. For a while my wife has bothered me to take a class so I have.

    I got a 27.5 out of 25 today on an essay. Even without the 4 pointas extra credit it was a 23.5 still an A. I have felt cheated because it was hard to get this. My last essay I got a 50.5 out 50. The problem was without the extra credit it would had only ...