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  1. templeorder's Avatar
    Some systems and the culture and experience that surround them promote a higher % of gurl gamers. WOD is one of them. When i played that, over 50% of the gamers were female. The ST's were predominantly male and the women mostly never expressed any desire to ST or design anything. Can't speak as to the why. In my early days, Roleplaying was the outlet for the nerds - its still is but its come a long way since then and the female gamers i've seen grow as a % of the population - but seem to have dropped off after a peak in early 2000's. My experience is that they are usually more transitory (just my experience) and, as in WOD, they are far less likely to design, develop or GM in any way. They do often bring a totally different perspective and i miss that when i don't have it. All my players have always been very accommodating to different gender or ethnic perspectives when needed... but it WOULD be nice to see a strong FM design presence. The few times i've seen it have always been tinged with romance plots and rules - so i would hope to see something outside my current experience.

    Write an adventure. Post it online. Maybe just an excursion/side-trek. I would love to see play scenarios done by women!
  2. templeorder's Avatar
    Romance is a plot that works well with a good group of gamers. I'll pull the cliche card here though and says a majority of gamers are nerds, dweebs, geeks, etc. - socially immature in many ways. This makes it hard to handle well in, unless the GM themselves assists in treating it right. And 90% of my group is married and/or above 30 and its handled maturely and with taste. When a girl comes in we don't change anything initially but warn them and find out what are the limits of propriety and taste and adjust over time. On the time issue, thats just something you need to tell people about.. but i don't think 30-60 seconds is unreasonable at all. There are times when i expect a fast decision - combat does not give you time to ask questions or analyze in depth... but even then i allow perception checks and am willing to let players get their bearings. Considering the time wasted in jokes, movie quotes, and dramatic flair, 30-60 seconds seems cheap, especially if the end result is good character experience.

    In terms of expectations, its not "too much" - its just different. Its not right or wrong, its just a question of, as you said, finding a group that suits your style.
  3. froglegg's Avatar
    Right on point ash! You go girl : )
  4. Farcaster's Avatar
    Ashene, I've never had much of a problem with players rapidly dropping out of games with no notice. I've had some various issues with players not giving enough notice when they are going to miss a session, but nothing as extreme as what you're describing. I wonder if this is a phenomenon that is far more prevalent in online games.
  5. outrider's Avatar
    agree also. It seems to be more of a internet problem in my experience. Its not hard to say I cant make it, I understand that real life intrudes but it seems that common courtesy has gone by the wayside and thats a sad thing.
  6. Blydden's Avatar
    Agree, agree, agree. And agree.

    Attendance for my RL game is...bleh. It is pretty much always 1-2 people do not show up, and that is on the better times. Hopefully we will actually start getting everyone to show up, but meh. What can you do?

    I, myself, personally, try to show up for almost every single session, like my life depended on it. (If you know the evil DMs, then your character can die with a flick of the DM's wrist if he is displeased, so your character's life depends on it too.)

    When I can not show up, due to serious illness or serious real life commitments, I always send them a little PM. It's not that hard to send a PM people! Seriously. Just open your "Notifications" on the top right of the site bar...
  7. templeorder's Avatar
    I've never played any (recent - hey, cheesy days of 20 years ago don't count!) female characters like that. This is one of those where if you find the right group, "all will be well". I have a group of players that can handle that no problem. We have occasional gurl gamers drop in and most have not done it, though some have to be amusing... its never been overboard (except once - though it fit the character, a ruthless, powerhungry magus that would use everything at her disposal to gain control and power around her) and i myself am playing a female character now and i actively try and avoid the stereotypical guy gamer use of women characters... i think i do it ok, most in the party do not even factor it in...
  8. templeorder's Avatar
    I agree... but as a GM and organizer i have learned some tricks and adaptations to encourage the maximum participation. I let people come and go as they will - just not with main plot thread characters. In the back of my mind,m there is always an NPC that can be scrounged for the "fair weather" gamer... I have 3-4 stable players and me as a GM in most of my campaigns. The others i have 2 levels for - those dedicated but not able, and those who have fun but can take it or leave it. The last set gets characters without powers or abilities that make anyone think - no slowing down the game (hey, they are not showing up regularly, they don't get anything exotic that means they have to ask questions and kill the time we do have) and the former are allowed more exotic (magic, psychic, or faith using characters or different races) because they take time outside of the game to learn it all and can dive into it without explanations or slow downs.

    Its just a fact this happens.. i have a standard gaming contract that outlines what i expect. I use Google Calendar and let people respond to the event. I try not to be flexible in how i treat different attendance scenarios... but i also have the advantage of knowing most of these gamers for near 15+ years... so the respect me and the efforts i put in to organize, host, and play (when i can!).
  9. Dwarf44's Avatar
    Very true. Found it annoying when we set up a certain date & time to play, then you have some players who are habitually late, leave early, or are frequently missing it. Even though they said that the date & time worked for them in the beginning...

    Attendance is probably the leading annoyance...
  10. Arkhemedes's Avatar
    I agree Sascha. One thing that has to be kept in mind in all of this, is that most rpgs are fantasy. We play characters that are not representative of the norm for a reason. Seriously, how many of us out there have ever played the average Joe and Jane? These characters, even in an rpg heavy on romance are dull and uninspiring.

    We prefer to play heroes instead and other people we can only dream about (or fantasize about). And a female character with little or no inhibitions, for both male and female players would be high on that list, though perhaps not everyone's cup of tea.
  11. Sascha's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by russdm
    I found it weird and incrediably strange, because no real female would act like that ever.
    There are women out there who do, in fact, behave this way; their image is made "popular" by sensationalist media, and disseminated across the culture at large. (My ex acted just a few hairs below this extreme, and flirted with just about anybody. Her wardrobe wasn't entirely stripperific, though.)

    It could be this portrayal of women is the root of a lot of the way some men portray female characters, both in fiction and in gaming. Which is why the behavior is criticized, as it's not a very good representation of women as a whole. (Another, maybe more common, cause would be in the scope of wish fulfillment; "she does this, because it's what I would do as a girl" thinking.)
  12. TwoGunBob's Avatar
    Funny thing is, the most romantic, using that term soooo loosely, I can remember being in was White Wolf's Freak Legion and Jackie Just was an androgynous enticer so it all made sense in context to the game.
    Epic romance or just amorous skullduggery were never much in the themes early in my gaming experiences and latyer when girls played in various groups it was... all business. Of course it was perpetually White Wolf games with more political power plays than the love of the undead/pack/fettering/what have you's.
    Course as a group we didn't cross gender play often as russdm mentioned, it was shallow playing and often a cardboard cut-out of what might be perceived as a single aspect of a female.
    Course the dynamic of female characters in teh game led to more acts of derring-do that were usually crippled by horrendous dice rolls and botches that were really laughable and oft resulted in the "I'm going to save you!!!" turning into the female in distress saying "After I'm done saving myself, I'll save you as well oh great knight clad in shining armor who just shot himself in the foot and tripped on his own klaive." Fickle, fickle dice gods.
  13. russdm's Avatar
    Its interesting to me that alot of male players will play their female characters like how you say. They will be showing off the "assets(sp?)" and be interested in sleeping with anybody. I found it weird and incrediably strange, because no real female would act like that ever.

    Now, a female character that sometimes shows off her "assets" and flirts, I can understand. But annoyingly, male players do it in a way like thats how they are all the time.

    Its really annoying.
  14. Sascha's Avatar
    I'd like to say I've never played a super-flirt, but ... there was a DnD bard who fit the description. Sort of. She'd flirt a lot, but rarely take it farther than that. And you'd never see her get into fights over men. (The other female PC in that campaign wasn't flirty at all, 'cept for the session where I first joined.)

    Course, now I'm curious how that type of player would fare in, say, Primetime Adventures, as opposed to the majority of games. Lots of television shows have the tramp-type character, though whether that's a good thing to emulate or not is up for debate
  15. Arkhemedes's Avatar
    Ashene, you might consider giving pbp's a try, as they are usually 80 to 90% role playing as opposed to roll playing, no one is ever trying to hurry you (you can take all the time you want to consider your actions and say what it is you want to say) and in the ones I'm involved in there is most definitely romance. On the down side, of course, pbp's move at a much slower pace than live rpg's. But it's a nice game to have on the side.
  16. cplmac's Avatar
    Though the character that Ashene is speaking of isn't the one that she is playing in my "Destiny of Kings" game, her character and another are sweet on each other. Yes the characters will exchange a kiss with each other, and do look out for one another, the characters aren't constantly jumping into bed with each other either. It is because of the non combat role playing that Ashene and the other player do with thier characters that actually gets them extra XP when I award the points for that particular game session.

    Yes, I have seen times where other folks have done what Ashene is saying about putting up a player's name with a question mark. Now I will admit that I will type a player's name and let them know that it is thier turn. What gets me is when someone is typing a response to what was asked or happened to thier character and you see what Ashene has said about the name with a question mark. Then that persons post comes up and it is blatantly obvious that it took more than 15 to 30 seconds to be able to type out the response to the scenerio. Now if there has been about 5 to 10 minutes go by, then you may be needing to inquire. There other thing that some folks don't seem to take into consideration is that maybe that person is PMing with the DM/GM as to if they can have thier character do something or has a question about a particular action.
  17. Skunkape's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZTORMBRINGER
    keep up the desire to rp... it is the true reason why the game exist in the first place...

    Well, actually, DnD started out as a tactical simulation, but grew into the PnP RP we know today!
  18. cplmac's Avatar
    Well, I don't know that you can really say that female gamers are rare. In our tabletop group here, we have 11 people. 7 males and 4 females. Lady gamers are out there, it is just a matter of making them feel as if they are part of the gaming community.
  19. ZTORMBRINGER's Avatar
    I don't find it all that strange... while i do see thenm as unqiue i've never been with out... i've played with girls since I started and I usually have anywhere from 3-5 in my 8 player game at any given time... and yes some are Rpers while others just want to hit it and kill it and get its loot... and then they're are the ones that name the smae pets that will end up left behind or dinner... lol
    keep up the desire to rp... it is the true reason why the game exist in the first place...

  20. Skunkape's Avatar
    One thing to add to Karrnathi's comment about the popular view of gamers, they're guys who game still live in their parent's basement! :-)

    It's really a common misconception, so is the idea of women gaming, but it's nice to see that there are those of us of both sexes who are trying to break the stereo type!
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