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The Seven Stones

The Last Story of the Smurfs.

  1. Snowscar

    The other side of the pond was bordered by a sandy beach. “This is paradise, Garvey!” yelled Gordan. He had never felt this way before. His whole life up until this day had been filled with much suffering. Gordan cried and jumped off the path, landing on his stomach in the shallow water. He wiggled his fingers and toes in the sand, which glittered with gold. The surf crashed around him. He gulped its cool waters. “This is paradise, Garvey!” his voice echoed back.

    Garvey bellowed ...
    Chapter 2
  2. The Seahorse Cavern

    And with that they were off! They hurried along the path back to the school and entered the Great Hall. It was quiet, except for the sound of a lone smurfling galloping to his class. “Pitter-patter pitter-patter pitter-patter,” it echoed down the hall. Then a door shut. From both sides of the hallway, prismatic rays of light shone from the classroom windows, staggered like the fingers of folded hands off into the distance.

    “Hurry,” whispered Garvey, “run to the other end of this ...
    Chapter 2
  3. The Bell

    Gordan walked down three steps into the hallway. Its grandeur stirred his heart yet again. As far as his eyes could see, the hall snaked in either direction, to his left and right, and possessed an arched ceiling. From a quick inspection, he noticed the walls consisted of rammed earth. But its architect had used different clay compositions, varying in texture and color, for great visual effects. This he had not witnessed in any other burrow of his life. Gordan now examined the wall closely. ...
    Chapter 2
  4. The Horpyroot Elementary School of Smurfs

    “Welcome! Welcome to Horpyroot Elementary School! I hope you all have found your classes with ease today. My name is Ms. Wormwas,” the teacher announced. She surveyed her new students over the rim of her glasses as they shuffled to their chairs. A plump smurf with a brown beard opened the door, humming a tune and leading a first grader to a chair. He wore a pointy hat of hay, tattering about the rim, a white t-shirt, and brown overalls. He waddled around, noticed the raised brow of Mrs. Wormwas, ...
    Chapter 2
  5. In the Beginning

    Where does this cursed circle begin? I surmise it starts at the beginning of all things. Before you. Before me. Before the earth, universe, and even the creator. For the beginning defines the end, like the drawing of a great circle. A circle so vast and unknowable, that nothing, neither the creator nor the greatest historian, could foresee its repetition, save one--a creature neither planned nor anticipated by the universe. I now hold the parchment which contains this discovery, penned and given ...
    Chapter 1
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