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  1. Encouraging players to blog about their character's experiences

    I'm finally trying this again. I've had two players convince me its a good idea to encourage blogging to add flavor. I'm afraid its going to be self-rewarding to only a couple characters, but i will try it again.

    I've laid down the law for the campaign and set some some basic blogging protocols.

    I've said every entry must have the:
    1) Player citation (linked ...
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  2. Ancient Blood - catching up

    [For the Ancient Blood campaign group]

    9142, Month 7, Day 12; The party returns to the surface lands of Belmain only to find that all their mounts and any equipment has vanished. The ruins of Gnedfort City stand in the distance, and the party decides to put as much distance between themselves and the dead city as they can. The village of Terrovere is the closest locale where they were threatened before and likely where the hunters followed them from.

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  3. Secrets of Karolak's Scow District

    Steel Realms Destiny: Dunstrand Rising

    The party, freshly healed and trained in Karloak, took up pay for an old friend of Taer. A couple new characters enter, while Meldrin and Eldric are likely gone. The Order of the Stone Hand pays the group to find out about folks going missing in the Scow District.

    Full account of the events...
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  4. Thug Life - Final Chapter on Billy Boy and Tubs is Dead

    Sleepy rejoins the crew after spending time on lookout duty. Jimmy the Cod and slick fill him in on all that he has missed.

    Gambling was in the air, and Jimmy the Cod returns to the addiction, but this time he's a player and gets into a real game - not Larkin Alley, but Beeway's Laundry. Its a back room game run by Ran Beeway and her friend Mr. Wilcut. There is a few house games, and some individuals that play for higfher stakes. He just takes on the house games and about breaks even. ...
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  5. Thug Life - Cash in and Sold Out

    Our group finds itself needing some bigger scores, funds is getting low. They've recruited 'Twitch' - a nervous, second-story burglar as part of the crew now and he brings some needed skills, a jittery (though light) touch and good physical and thief skills.

    Jimmy the Cod hears of a new game opening up in Larkin Alley and hes been practicing his gambling skills. The group goes and stays for a night in this low class back alley den. Jimmy has incredible luck and walks away with a big ...

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