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  1. Too much going on, not enough time to blog

    Well, so far i'm done with 1 of 6 solo play scenarios (all connected in a series) and about 1/3 done play testing the first one.

    I'm also working on a group play called the Sickness of Braddon Bog - that goes really well. In adding some finishing touches i think i've made it too convoluted. It seems to twist the fate of about 5 different groups or powers together, painting a bit of a dizzying picture. It would take a un-ordinary group of players to really appreciate the complexitites ...
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  2. I'm making my Incarna system 100% free

    Official announcement:

    Life's always throwing curve balls and every time i go back to the long business plan and try and implement it, stuff gets in the way. I've found its my love and its going to get done anyway, so why not just make it available to all?
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