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  1. templeorder's Avatar
    Gods its perfect here in Seattle right now. 8 hour game session set for Sunday and it should be perfect for windows open, 8 people stuffed in a big room screaming to be heard over each other and rolling dice. I'm just wrapping up all my character edits from last session with the sun going down and humidity dropping. Feels great for now.
  2. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Well, it's humid and hot. Most of the folks I game with, myself included, have an aversion to sunlight so meeting up to game isn't much of a problem.
  3. Q-man's Avatar
    I can understand the desire to watch movies and drink beer rather than be outside. The weather here the past few weeks has bee 90+ degrees with high humidity, just not at all close to ideal conditions for yard work.

    I do the same thing during the lull in gaming over the summer, getting a ton of ancillary writing done for the adventure. Once that's far enough ahead I'll start jotting down character concepts for use when I'm a player. Not that I end up using them, those concepts more often get turned into NPC's instead. That doesn't change the fact that the writing is enjoyable.
  4. templeorder's Avatar
    Resurrection is indeed rare in our game... i have to go with that one. Its hard to say what would have happened - so i gotta know. Someone else got to use the character concept i came up with as another "Death in the family" happened at the next session... so it did not go to waste (though its not me getting to try it out).
  5. Dalkiel's Avatar
    I actually started having players fill out questionnaires... One player questionnaire, and one for each character they bring to the table, to be filled out from the CHARACTER's point of view. Nothing really long or complicated, but I get an overview of what all the players are expecting in a game group, and the character form gets them to imagine how the character might think, giving a jumpstart to the development of a personality. They seemed to really like the idea, and I got a lot of positive feedback.
  6. Dalkiel's Avatar
    To answer that accurately, I guess it would depend on the game. If it is too easy to be resurrected, then death loses its meaning, but if you REALLY liked the character, it's a nice option. And if you have a new character design, you can always make an additional character to add to your collection, to be played later. You don't have to toss an old one to do that.
  7. Q-man's Avatar
    Have at it, I don't charge a license fee for the quiz idea
  8. templeorder's Avatar
    I might try that... i'm just trying to incentivize (can't find a word here!) their interaction a little more without giving away too much.
  9. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    I've had the same experience as well.

    Q-man: Like the quiz idea. Mind if I use it?
  10. Q-man's Avatar
    That's something I've tried to get my players to do as well. It certainly helps the DM understand what the characters are up to, but it also helps the player keep things straight since its a good reference for whats been going on.

    So far I've only had one player who's actually done it though. I hadn't considered offering in game bonuses as rewards for it though, it might be something worth considering.

    Another trick I've seen is to give the players a quiz at significant milestones in the story, where correct answers give similar in game rewards. Nothing too serious, "Who is this NPC?" or "Why did the party assault this fort?" sort of questions. General stuff that gives you an indication of which portions they paid the most attention to.

    I suppose the two things could work together, since if they have the character's journal to look at they'll have pretty much all of the answers for the quiz.
  11. Otakar's Avatar
    I tried the link a couple of times. No luck. I have bad luck with hyperlinks and FB. Sounds intriguing though.
  12. Farcaster's Avatar
    Thanks for your vote, TempleOrder! I saw a count that there were some 5k votes cast in total. That said, I think we have a good chance of winning!
  13. Otakar's Avatar
    What's the URL to your site? Is it public?
  14. templeorder's Avatar
    This is turning out really well for me. PnPG i've come to appreciate more for the social aspect and OP for the campaign management. Though they overlap in in some areas, i've decided to focus on PnP for discussion threads because i feel like there is more of a sense of community here. OP is just way better at campaign management. I especially like the map handling.
  15. Talmek's Avatar
    I've started using OP to manage my 4e campaign.

    My only reservation is with myself and not being really familiar with how to use the wikis, the coding, etc. I need to learn!
  16. Otakar's Avatar
    I loved the books. Haven't seen the game before. Wikipedia says there are 4 editions and then the 5, Elric of Melnibone is actually a different game. I'll keep looking at your blog....
  17. Farcaster's Avatar
    It was a team up that just made sense based on what OP's goals were with being able to offer some sort of player matching widget for their members. Much of that happens behind the scenes, but from what I have seen, it has been a great boon for players and DMs from both sites.
  18. Sascha's Avatar
    Classically-speaking, they'd all be heroes, in the vein of Herakles/Hercules, Arjuna, Robin Hood, Davy Crockett: individuals whose acts uphold the ideals of a culture. (A culture hero, in more modern terms.)

    You may want to drop the 'villain' label, and take out the ethical choice (good, evil), for the real culture hero experience. That is, a culture tends not to elevate an individual if their behavior doesn't jive with the local scene; as long as the virtues - used here somewhat loosely - exhibited are those that the specific culture wishes to promote, the individual's in the running for hero status. Whether a given culture is "good" or "evil", based on the game's mechanical ethics system, is irrelevant to its honoring of culture heroes (thus, so is the choice between good and evil).

    (Also, morality is a code of conduct. The picking of nits, I know. Other than that, pretty spot-on implementation of the culture hero~)
  19. templeorder's Avatar
    Whoohoo... finally got to play a couple weeks ago. GM had done up all the character for us and had a blast. Introduced a couple of new players to the world and mechanics.
  20. templeorder's Avatar
    I've finally got a few adventures and have talked to the players to give it a try. Everyone's only interested if there's some sort of weird west theme to it... which is easy enough being a fan of Jonah Hex. Government agents, gunfighters, and agents of secret societies... its gonna be fun as all Hex!
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