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Campaign related blog entries

  1. Published: Temple of the Dark Mirror

    Well, i've technically written a lot of play scenarios but not all of them as organized as this one. I just finished this one and since my players don't have accounts here i can post here for comments and reviews. I'm sure its still got spelling errors and grammar... but i'm not too worried. One of my own players who GM's for another group is running this as a play test. I tend to write sparsely and fill in as i go, so this is more verbose than normal. I run plot heavy, but this is pretty short; ...
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  2. The Sickness of Braddon Bog (my newest play scenario)

    At last the civil war in the Lowlands of Bar-Innis is over. The carnage has been immense. OF little strategic importance, the North-West lands of the swamp bordered Lowlands were the seen of a massive struggle for power between His Lorship Earl Berithor Aelishan - the current and rightful ruler of the fief of Bar-Innis, and his usurper sister Dierdre and her Riverdan allies. Months of carnage lead to Berithor's Umbakian allies trying to exert both local rulership (in Berithor's name of course) and ...
  3. Play Test Campaign Completed

    Last night we completed the 5 set series Beryl Summer Games series. A near pure combat arena style fighting scenario. We tested the lowest to the highest challenge levels and all sorts of styles, techniques, and abilities - all combat related. Lots of stuff broken and easily cracked. Lots to update - but most of it outside the core rules for the Incarna Game System.

    Now on to the editing phase where all the notes get entered and rules updated - the tough part. I got lots of notes ...
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  4. Finally started work on my western camapign

    Its a one-off sure, but i think its going to be fun. It may take a couple sessions to finish, but at least a few people are excited. I'm hosting all my materials at Obsidian Portal.

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    I'm going to offer the players a choice of characters from a bunch of pre-defined ones consisting of various western governments secret service agents, native tracker, secret society agent, ex-military (union and reb), freed slave, even an asian agent to interface ...

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  5. Stormbringer?

    Ahhh yes, what a lovely system of death. Loose, fast, light on rules, heavy on world and literary references... and a what a time we had!!!

    We built out our own world, find it here:

    And now, just for fun, our old GM is thinking of running a few adventures again. Me, as a player, have the record for the most number of characters that "retired". this means 6+ adventures and lived and were taken out of ...
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