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my argument for 4e

some of my points for why I like 4e.

  1. A matter of perspective

    I thought I was going to do this huge onslaught of why I believe 4e is better than 3.5, than realized my rants would fall on deaf ears.

    But I came to a realization this weekend. I think people's perspectives are in the wrong place. I don't believe WOTC has put an emphasis on combat in 4e or 3.5 has better roleplaying. WOTC put a lot of emphasis on "improving" the combat in D&D, but didn't do much to the role-playing aspect.


    Because ...

    Updated 04-06-2009 at 06:12 PM by yukonhorror

    my argument for 4e
  2. change is good

    While I wait for my simulations, will present you a bit of edition history. Now, this is no where thorough or complete, just taking from memory.

    Some say WOTC changed editions to sell more books. While this may be true, with any system, change is inevitable. I am sure people didn't want Gurps to update to a new edition, but it happens.

    I think the main cause/drive for change is balance. The game designers (I feel) are constantly striving for a robust, but balanced ...
    my argument for 4e
  3. 4e vs. 3.xe argument

    This is starting to really irritate the crap out of me. I was reading someone's blog (sorry if I can't remember your name) who was asking what is up with DnD vs. DnD.

    This rant is not an argument for 4e or against 3.x DnD. This is a rant on peoples argument for 3.x. As a PhD candidate, we are trained to hold our arguments, and provide logic for our viewpoints. So serious mistakes in logic and weak arguments really piss me off.

    I may be misinformed, and will ...

    Updated 04-21-2009 at 08:03 PM by yukonhorror

    my argument for 4e