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should be easy to decipher

  1. What is your problem?

    So earlier today I went to the chatroom to help a player get his character ready for our online game for this weekend.

    I enter the room, say howdy (as per softserve's request), and send a PM (mind you) to the player.

    Then the conversation on general chat resumes as follows (to some effect):

    person b: hi yukon
    person a: sigh
    person b: what's the deal, can't say hi to yukon
    person a: he likes 4e
    person b: yukon, what do you play ...
  2. Another argument for 3.5 that makes no sense

    So last night during the big hoorah, somebody mentioned if want a quick and dirty game you play 4e, but if you want in-depth role-playing you play 3.5.

    First off, are they trying to say simple is bad and complex is better?? I guess if you like a challenge, but why over complexify things? I say stick with the KISS method.

    Second, how does 3.5 have any more "in-depth" roleplaying than 4e. The role-playing aspect of any game is up to the players and the ...