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1e reminiscing

stories from my 1e games back in the small town of glasgow, MT.

  1. The three mages: Part 3, the chaos army

    So after we level up, and pick up our goodies, a villager comes plowing into the store yelling, {insert town name} has been overrun by an army.

    The same town we left those mages in. Hmmm? Coincidence??

    So we gear up, and start heading towards the town. He wasn't kidding. There was a HUGE army. 30+ badguys, if not more. That doesn't include the 4 major players. Our three mages and this new guy.

    New guy: guy wearing some demonic looking plate ...
    1e reminiscing
  2. The three mages: Part 2, really big bugs

    On our way into town, we come across a giant hornet. This thing was insane. Eventually we vanquished the foe, and what do we do?

    Not any surprise, we collect venom in vials and scavenge the corpse for bug armor.

    I don't know how we got involved, but some how we got into this little alcove in the forest with large amounts of giant spiders. Between the webs, the fangs, and the poison, we almost all died.

    We somehow made it out alive, and I think ...
    1e reminiscing
  3. The three mages: Part 1, intros and general killing

    So this was the one campaign arc we actually followed (and were forced to somewhat).

    I don't know how we came across this arc, but I do remember being in a town with a church. There were three very nasty mages. One was a very beautiful female mage who had levels in fighter and wore mithral armor (so to not get arcane failure with spells).

    One was a normal magic-user (5th of 6th level).

    And the last was this four-armed illusionist.
    1e reminiscing
  4. roster additions and adventure ADD

    Like I have said before, our group has serious ADD when it comes to adventures. We would get presented this amazing plotline, and we'd see something shiny and move to something else.

    One time, we found these portals. They transported us to an oriental country (who knows how far it was from our stuff!). Didn't want to get stuck over there, so jumped right back in and abandoned that adventure.

    We scaled this very tall mountain (will go in depth on another entry cause ...
    1e reminiscing
  5. The thief, the golden bow, and the pig: what REALLY happened

    So in a panic, a cleric wakes us up (next session) at the church we were staying at. We were staying there, because the cleric we travel with is part of that church.

    We get woken up and apparently the holy relic of the church was stolen. It was a golden bow and arrow and we had to find who stole it and bring them to justice.

    APPARENTLY, our thief friend was the culprit. He had some debt to repay the assassin's guild (can't remember why) and that was his training. ...
    1e reminiscing
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