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The horror of Yukon

Reviews, rants, conversions, and other such niceties.

  1. D&D next playtest feedback: rogue class/skill system

    so I forgot to really comment on my opinions regarding the skill system, so will do that in addition to assessing the rogue/halfling as a whole.

    Again, I like the racial bonuses do damage dice on certain weapons. Especially for dagger, cause normally it is worthless as a weapon.

    Regarding skills and background, I said I like them, but I really like the freeformness of skills. Using what makes sense as a check and have the player roll. The background (and class in this ...
  2. D&D next playtest feedback: classes as a whole, fighter in specifics

    I am going to do my best and stay objective. It is nice to see the thingy from mike mearls regarding intention. I think it helps to provide constructive feedback. By knowing his motivations, I can properly assess his implementation.

    Let's walk through the fighter (in the context of all the classes) section by section.

    Regarding AC and HP, these are obviously relative. Without yet playing, I cannot assess if the target was hit, but one must keep in mind the balancing ...
  3. 5e playtest: 45 min glance 1st impressions (3.x hardliners have finally won the flame war)

    I'll put that into more context as I go on, but this is the first of my feedback/impressions/etc... regarding the playtest released by WOTC for 5th edition.

    A bit of foreshadowing, at first glance, it seems as though the game has gone back to a more 3.x mentality/mechanic rather than progressing forward to something new and innovative. To me, that is why have a new edition, and why adopt one. Sooo... let's go back in history.

    I grew up on 1st edition AD&D. loved ...
  4. D&D character in HERO: binding soulborn tempest

    Name: Groger Race: shifter
    Total Cost: 175 pts (50 pts of complications)

    STR: 20 (10) SPD: 3 (10)
    CON: 14 (4)
    DEX: 13 (6) OCV: 6 (15)
    INT: 10 (0) DCV: 4 (5) [+1]
    EGO: 14 (4)
    PRE: 10 (0)

    PD[rPD]: 4 (2) [+8] ED[rED]:: 4 (2) [+2]
    REC: 10 (7) END: 60 (8)
    STUN: 38 (9) BODY: 14 (4)

    Movement modes: 12 m run, 4 m leap, 4 m swim
    Characteristic costs: 86

    Skills (33): ...
  5. D&D character in HERO: draconic shaman guy

    I couldn't think of a good name for this agglomeration of dragon/healing.

    Name: Soshani Race: Human
    Total Cost: 175 pts (50 pts of complications)

    STR: 16 (6) SPD: 3 (10)
    CON: 14 (4)
    DEX: 13 (6) OCV: 6 (15)
    INT: 10 (0) DCV: 3 (0) [+2]
    EGO: 16 (6)
    PRE: 18 (8)

    PD[rPD]: 6 (4) [+6] ED[rED]:: 6 (4) [+4]
    REC: 10 (7) END: 45 (5)
    STUN: 40 (10) BODY: 16 (6)

    Movement ...
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