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4e conversions

conversions of older edition adventures into 4e D&D

  1. TOEE: BONUS! beasts GALORE!

    As it is pretty short and in case your adventurers take the left path first:

    202: silverback ape (level 5 brute, leader)
    great ape x4 (level skirmisher)

    203: Ape temple Guardian [lvl 6 soldier]

    The apes are VERY territorial. If any creature enters their lair, the go ballistic.

    The silverback ape will immediately holler for the temple guardian ape. He'll then use fling at the nearest foe. As soon as the guardian is in range, he ...
    4e conversions
  2. TOEE: no new updates :(

    sorry guys. With my FF HERO game and life, I have been uber busy, so haven't been able to make new conversion stuff for TOEE campaign.

    Hopefully in a week or so, things will calm down again.
    4e conversions
  3. TOEE: earth elemental temple

    Today I am going to take you through the temple, from the entrance to the main stage. By the time the heroes finish off the main stage, they should level up.

    Main thing to note, no troglodytes. They were too high level, and seemed like a pain to adjust so many. Instead, I have picked Duergar and Myconids to replace them. Myconids are a good fit for earth, and duergar ain't too bad in my opinion.

    Also, I did SOME fiddling with respect to switching abilities and ...
    4e conversions
  4. TOEE: spiders, a closet full of undead, and a bit of Deus Ex Machina

    Howdy! Thought I'd deliver a bit of a treat for the holidays before I take my vacation. This was the last bit the adventurers of my game went. After this, it will be what I PLANNED on happening, but won't be able to give you insight on how an example group would have handled it.

    So from the central area, you can go south or north. The mentality of 4e is not as forgiving as 3rd edition. In 3rd edition, if the monsters were easy, you leveled up slow and if they were hard, you ...

    Updated 12-21-2010 at 12:44 PM by yukonhorror

    4e conversions
  5. TOEE: return to the blog! Entering of the crater ridge mines.

    I know its been a while (~7 or so months), but somebody said they like my little conversion, and who am I to deny them! You never know, maybe I'll be able to run this puppy again.

    In any case, as a reminder, last time we just left Rastor and were headed towards the mines. My players were NOT subtle, so the main door defenses were able to shore up and prepare.

    So the alarm sounds in rooms 2-10. Rooms 2-5 were the "first" encounter. So will describe ...
    4e conversions
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