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D&D 3.x/pathfinder to HERO

Converting D&D 3.x concepts to HERO 6th edition

  1. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: oddball classes

    These are the classes that have to be hunted for. The archivist and dread necromancer from heroes of horror, the dragonfire adept from dragon magic, and the factotum from dungeonscape

    All of the factotum is versatility, so I figure lots of mutlipowers and VPPs were the best bet The charges represent the "inspiration pts".

    Cunning: multipower 5 pt pool; 12 continuing charges/day (extra phase) (5 active pts) real cost: 5 pts
  2. Converting 3.x to HERO: got to start somewhere (spells and certain core concepts)

    SOOO, I like to have a pet project sometimes. I WAS working on a board game, but kind of stuck on that right now, so I decided to pick up converting D&D 3.x/pathfinder material to HERO.

    I really like HERO. I like its mechanics, and I loves its versatility. One thing I really DON'T like about 3.x. I hate you have to be level 20 to get X ability. It would be nice if I could get it when I want it (assuming I can afford it).

    As such, I am converting SOME of the ...

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    D&D 3.x/pathfinder to HERO