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  1. black Pyramid of the ancient cloakers REMAKE (D&D 4e lvl 18-19): floors 3-4

    End of adventure. Again, did not stat out ancient cloakers, but the previous post described what to do.

    3 Floor 3

    21) Teleport room.
    This room will teleport to room 17.

    22) Dressing room.
    In this dressing room, 17 cloaks can be found hanging on a rope (a). Every cloak has got two red eyes and a tail. These are the remains of a couple of ordinary Cloakers. Some of the Cloakers are Ancient Cloakesr, playing dead until they can surprise ...
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  2. flexible attribute bonuses for older races

    I am not sure how I feel about flexible attribute bonuses for the new PH3 races. However, I am of the mentality, WOTC knows what they are doing a bulk of the time, so I was thinking of retrofitting some of the older races to fit this mentality.

    I know the essentials line is doing this for some of the PH races, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought in terms of what I have come up with.

    In terms of MM/MM2/MM3/Dragon Magazine races, I am leaving them be. As exotic ...
  3. PEACH: dragoon class for 4e

    I LOVE the dragoon class from final fantasy. I have decided to make a 4e class to kind of fit his flavor and apply some 4e mechanics.

    I have not included any flavor. I figure the flavor ALL stems from FF, so here are the hard core mechanics. There are no powers or anything (maybe later), just the features. But basically, thinking of taking powers that include charging (leaps) or blasts (breath weapons) from other classes. All blasts will be implement powers, the rest will be ...

    Updated 02-22-2010 at 08:02 AM by yukonhorror

  4. 3.5 skills in a 4e world, part 3: implementation

    so we know what the skills are, we know how many points per level each class should get, and what skills they can allocate said points.

    Now how do we use such skills. Implementation isn't too different in 4e. The main thing to consider would probably be DC's.

    The level of a skill does not scale the same with increasing level between the two editions. However, it is assumed you like the 3.5 skill system, you obviously know how to determine the DC for a given task. ...
  5. 3.5 skills in a 4e world, part 2: point allocation

    When it comes to the 3.5 skill system, the first two things that came to my mind were, how many points should each class get, and which skills can they train in.

    In 3.5, there were 4 tiers of points (2,4,6,8) and those were relatively proportional to how many skills they could train in.

    In 4e, of the classes that are there, there are 5 tiers, but they are different.

    For those not familiar with 4e, you pick which skills you train in, and get a permanent ...
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