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  1. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: tome of magic and general spell mechanics

    So I figured a central location of how all spells (and spell like whatnots) would be beneficial. While the cost COULD be negotiable, I figure these are nice starting numbers for classes:

    Invocations: multipower 40 pt reserve (40 active pts) OAF(-1) gestures (-1/4) incantations (-1/4) costs x4 END (-3/4) only with light armor or less (-1/2) real cost: 8 pts

    OAF is either a rod/mace (warlock) or a staff (dragonfire adept). Also, dragonfire adept has only cloth ...
  2. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: PH2 and minis handbook classes

    Regarding the beguiler, it is kind of like the warmage and wu jen. Just spells (pretty much). The other things are a core component of HERO already, so no need to make explicit powers.

    The duskblade wasn't too far off. However, I did do some of the cantrips from arcane attunement.


    Arcane attunement: multipower 10 pt reserve; (10 active pts) 8 charges/day(-1/2) real cost: 8 pts

    Detect magic: detect magic items (5 active ...
  3. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: complete divine and complete warrior (classes)

    complete divine was pretty involved because of spirit shaman. Also, a lot of free "feats" in a lot of classes. If the free feat is a group of feats, I don't plan on covering it. If it is ONE feat (like quick draw), well then, it is now defined


    Damage Reduction: -1 DC physical damage negation (15 active pts) not effective vs. cold iron [or silver, player’s choice] weapons (-1/4) real cost: 4 pts

    Diety’s weapon ...

    Updated 04-02-2012 at 12:25 PM by yukonhorror

  4. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: complete arcane and complete adventurer (classes)

    As said before, this is really a conversion of D&D abilities to HERO. I am of the mentality you can mix/match all you want.

    People already do that in 3.x already, right? I am just making it easier .


    Sudden Strike: two 8-point CSLs (16 active points) only to increase damage (-1/2), only with proficient weapons (-1/2), only vs. targets with ˝ (or more) penalty to DCV (-1); Real cost: 5 pts

    Great Leap: +10 m accurate ...

    Updated 04-02-2012 at 11:10 AM by yukonhorror

  5. TOEE: North Bridge Complex

    got to it easier than I thought. A lot of these creatures YES come from dungeon magazines. But I bet you can find good analogues if you don't have access. As always, will include level and role.

    Also, will go in order I would think the party would approach each room.

    216 Has Ig and Og
    Og: Og, Orog Hero (level 6 elite soldier)
    Ig: magrak Ironjaw (level 6 elite brute)

    Og will take on the the very mobile/ranged strikers (rangers, rogues, ...
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