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  1. convert 3.x D&D to HERO: Druid, Fighter, Monk, and paladin


    Natureís bond: do domains, but will do upon request

    Wild Empathy: 15 CP (bought as animal handler [all categories] 9+PRE/5)

    Woodland stride: flight 12 m (active cost 12 pts) only for natural surroundings (-1/2) only in contact with a solid surface (-1/4) real cost: 7 pts

    Resist natureís lure: +10 EGO (10 active pts) only vs. fey attacks (-1) Real cost: 5 pts

    Venom immunity: immunity to all poisons (5 active pts) ...
  2. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: BBC core classes (barbarian, bard, and cleric)


    Fast movement: +4 m ground movement (4 active pts) not when wearing heavy armor (-1/4) real cost: 3 pts

    Rage: 3d6 AID expanded effect (STR, CON, EGO, STUN) (+1.5) (45 active pts) only works in combat (-1/2) self only (-1) one at a time (-1) side effect: always enraged (14/- enter, 8/- to exit) (-1) side effect: -5 STR, -5 DEX until end of encounter or until healed after wear off (-1/4) side effect: -2 DCV while raging (-1/2) x2 END (-1/4) not while wearing ...
  3. Converting 3.x D&D to HERO: extra pathfinder classes

    as said before, all content for samurai and ninja were added to the earlier entries for their pathfinder counterparts.


    Challenge: +1d6 RKA (15 active pts) link (-1/2) OAF(-1) no range (-1/2) concentration [1/2 DCV] (-1/4) only vs. challenged foe (-1/2) real cost: 4 pts

    Demanding challenge: 3d6 drain DCV (30 active pts) link (-1/2) OAF(-1) no range (-1/2) concentration [1/2 DCV] (-1/4) only vs. challenged foe (-1/2) only for non-samurai ...
  4. Converting 3.x D&D to HERO: psionic classes

    so here's all of the psionics. I tried my best to emulate the concept of power points and boosting powers. I figure a END reserve would best emulate power points. As for boosting, keeping the powers in a VPP allow for having it as "powerful" as you need to be. Obviously, the less powerful, the less END (power points) to be used.


    Natural Psionics: VPP 8 pt pool (8 active pts) 40 control (1/2 phase to change) (+1/2) (30 active pts) gestures ...
  5. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: tome of battle and magic of incarnum classes

    So still chugging along. Here is the classes (but not specific maneuvers or souldmelds) from tome of battle and magic of incarnum:


    Martial Maneuvers: multipower 30 pt reserve (30 active pts) OAF(-1) full phase (-1/2) lockout [canít reuse until use 3 other maneuvers] (-1/2) link(-1/2) real cost: 9 pts

    OAF being the weapon the user trained the maneuver with. Link being linked to a standard weapon attack (the OAF).

    Martial ...
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