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  1. Far Eastern Wonderland #3 - Adaptation: Letty Whiterock

    by , 04-22-2014 at 05:27 AM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    "Just a moment! I am the mastermind, but I'm normal," Letty Whiterock, Perfect Cherry Blossom

    Letty Whiterock is a spirit of cold weather, and may even be the incarnation of winter in Gensoukyou. During the height of that season, she is immensely powerful, but her strength and motivation wane at other times of the year. The weather effects she creates can indirectly kill normal humans, a fact that doesn't concern her much. The natural fear of winter storms keeps her well-nourished, ...

    Updated 06-03-2014 at 06:41 PM by Umiushi

  2. Far Eastern Wonderland #2 - Sample PC: Koniwa Kanna

    by , 04-21-2014 at 01:43 AM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    Kanna was one of my sample PCs for the two other Touhou-based rpgs that I've looked at, and her appearance, equipment, and nature are briefly described elsewhere in this blog. These are her stats for FEW.

    Koniwa Kanna

    Eager New Storm Cloud
    Class: Primal Striker
    Race: Weather Apparition
    Size: Medium

    Primary Attributes
    Agility +2, Aim +2, Charisma +4, Cunning +1, Learning +0, Perseverance +0

    Acrobatics +7, Agriculture ...
  3. Far Eastern Wonderland #1 - inception of a homebrew work in progress

    by , 03-15-2014 at 03:55 AM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    Continuing on my quest to come up with a satisfying set of rules for a Touhou-inspired role-playing game set in the fantasy land of Gensoukyou, I'm finally biting the bullet and sitting down to some homebrew stew. I want something that will capture the ornate tactics of a spellcard duel, so fourth edition D&D will be the backbone, probably with some influence from 13th Age. Naturally, I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel, so the two English-language Touhou rpgs that already exist, Flowery ...
  4. Sample Monster Statistics for Memories Remain, Record #4

    by , 10-10-2013 at 04:45 PM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    This is the last sample record I have planned. If you wish to consider what encounters of normal difficulty for a party of six PCs would consist of, without regard for the likelihood of the encounter elements actually being found together, then here are two:
    • Encounter One
      • Edeluthon Meebayriakalatinod
      • 1 Lava Fall trap
      • 3 Angels of Watchfulness

    • Encounter Two
      • Sanial Majnun
      • 6 Abyssal Scavengers

    Sanial Majnun

    Master of Smokeless ...

    Updated 03-14-2014 at 07:17 AM by Umiushi

  5. Sample Monster Statistics for Memories Remain, Record #3

    by , 10-09-2013 at 11:15 PM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    Edeluthon Meebayriakalatinod
    Great Elemental Shaman of the Goblins
    Level 29 Elite Skirmisher (Leader)
    Small Natural Humanoid (Goblin)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Languages: Goblin, Primordial, Dwarven, Common
    Str 9 (+13) Con 27 (+22) Dex 24 (+21) Int 27 (+22) Wis 30 (+24) Cha 23 (+20)
    Arcana +27, Nature +29, Thievery +23
    Leather armor, totem spear

    Cloak of Doom (aura 3 after Aura of Doom is used) enemies within the aura grant ...

    Updated 10-09-2013 at 11:25 PM by Umiushi

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