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  1. yukonhorror's Avatar
    while it seems like you put a LOT of effort into this, if it "craps out" system-wise, I would suggest HERO 6th edition. A) clean fun system. B) universal/generic - you get to make it whatever you want it C)easily adaptable (versus other generic/universal systems)
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar
    So you are saying, we are SOOO screwed.
  3. Malk0lm's Avatar
    Formidable! This looks very exciting!
  4. Umiushi's Avatar
    Hey, I've talked about it before on chat. In any case, this is only if the players agree to it; they will have a number of choices to consider, this weekend.
  5. jpatterson's Avatar
    WHAAAT?! Umiushi the guy that runs D&D4? Running FENG SHUI? Did I fall through a hole in space time?!!!
  6. Umiushi's Avatar
    Other than involving a bit of time travel, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and It's a Wonderful Life don't have much in common. That's why my thoughts turned to this blog entry when, earlier this month, I happened to come across a movie theater advertising showings for the two Madoka Magica films and It's a Wonderful Life on the same day.
  7. Umiushi's Avatar
    Nothing important in the greater sense, now that you've won. He tried to convey the message to focus on defeating Eirin Tuwi over healing Ariellana as much as he could without directly saying it in front of Eirin. Whether or not that would have been a sound tactic for the party, it was sound from his perspective; his thinking was that many enemies would, at least temporarily, refrain from targeting Ariellana while she was down, but they would of course attack her as soon as she was back on her feet, so continuing to heal her meant continuing to keep attacks focused her way, and would keep her erstwhile healer busy when that person could instead be working towards taking out Eirin. It also goes without saying that his claim to becoming Territory Lord in part hinged on the fact that he was the last person to down Ariellana before Eirin Tuwi was killed.
  8. Palpatim's Avatar
    The best laid plans something something.

    For what it's worth, all the paths we explored felt well-developed and vital to me. It'll be interesting to see how things develop if/when we make it back to the Valley.

    Out of curiosity, what was the cue we missed from Menash Oom?
  9. yukonhorror's Avatar
    sorry.... If it makes you feel any better, I don't trust the Matchless Gang OR the great master.
  10. tomheadley's Avatar
    Very enlightening
  11. Palpatim's Avatar
    Thanks for the continued insight into your adventure-building process, Umiushi. As a beneficiary of this hard work, it's always humbling to see how much thought and effort goes into making a game scenario. Looking forward to your next installment.

  12. Umiushi's Avatar
    As I was writing the second post, I noticed I didn't include much of the description of the combat encounter for this first one.

    Human Rabble
    Four Level 1 Minions
    On the south end, there's Donolish, the old toll keeper, and Analita, the woman accompanying him. To north, at the far end of the bridge, there's Gevan, a youth with short, cropped, black hair, and the blonde and grinning Eriltas.

    They were made using the Human Rabble entry in the Monster Manual and reducing the level by 1.

    Human Fighter
    Level 1 Soldier
    Sangeli, who looks like a sister to Eriltas, but always solemn.

    She was built as an NPC, as were the two subsequent opponents.

    Human Ranger
    Level 1 Artillery
    Heathice, the one with the bow.

    Human Warlord
    Level 3 Controller
    "Lord" Cannedin Selmy, he was only there to take a couple of hits and then run away.

    This fight occurred on a long bridge with low walls. Some of the NPCs had powers that could force movement (as did some of the PCs). The walls provided a +4 bonus to any saving throws to avoid falling. Depending upon what portion of the bridge the PCs were on, the fall could result in a 2d10 dmg fall to level ground, a 4d6 dmg tumble down a rocky slope, or a 1d12 dmg fall into icy cold water (Endurance Check at DC 20 each round to avoid losing a healing surge) but easy enough to swim out of.

    The total XP value for the fight was 400. If Selmy had fought to the best of his abilities, the reward would have been 450.
  13. Umiushi's Avatar
    Looks like I should set up some notification procedure for comments. I only saw them tonight!

    I said "other places" because I cannot remember exactly where those places are. If I didn't mention it somewhere in the forum itself, I probably said something to that effect once in chat. I suppose if I haven't actually committed it to writing somewhere here, I should say a few words about that in the future.

    In one sense, yes, this is my adventure-writing process in its current form. However, it has still evolved over the past three years to some extent. I will share more about that in later posts.
  14. yukonhorror's Avatar
    I have to agree with you umi. I think online play fits my style better honestly. At least my GM/DM style. I feel I do a better job online than in person.
  15. Palpatim's Avatar
    Nice insight into your adventure-writing process, Umiushi. You say, "I've previously talked in other places about how The Unquiet Lands was originally a generic 'Points of Light'-style campaign." To what other places are you referring?