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  1. Zaistars's Avatar
    Never Fear, for I have a plan!!!!
    I had a player who use to say that all the time. It usually preceeded something good. hmm...
  2. benjaminze's Avatar
    nice I missed it this week we will have to hope we three can survive to replace are fallen friends who all died mysteriously after the plant monster maybe they all tripped and fell on there swords
  3. benjaminze's Avatar
    so sad no dnd today hopefully next week we can go back to our normal schedule
  4. Zaistars's Avatar
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Funny Stuff.
  5. a5465371's Avatar
    Chislefase is like mace in the face, no skeletons can touch me I will give them a taste-- of my power, making otha Tieflings sour and dour; their skills are weak crap to my stat-attack, leaving them flat where their at. I keep a short distance from the rest of my group, because as the best of the rest I need a good test, go ahead, try to stab my in my chest! All you'll get is a disappearing act, nothing short of the fact, that you're weak sauce so confess that you're shit is a mess. I laugh as you try to set my ass on fire, and as I blast you in the face you're situation turns dire for my mind powers last for hours. When I befoul my enemies I sometimes throw them a towel, and my curses are incisive as my taunting is derisive. My mouth flows as I drop these foes; I'm a maniacle fountain of words that can blow up a mountain. Chislefase has made his case.
  6. Zaistars's Avatar
    That good huh? Maybe I should DM with a buzz more often.
  7. benjaminze's Avatar
    last week we ended with us covered in blood zombie bits and vomit are mentally fragile warlock slowly going insane plus I now have a phobia about little girls with no eyes but next week is going to be the challenge? I am filled with anticipation and dread at the same time
  8. yukonhorror's Avatar

    Go to and refer to the round-table discussions, they do a nice wrap up of each one.

    In short:
    Avenger (divine striker) - assassin for church
    Barbarian (primal striker) - rager guy but also leader of barbarian horde feel
    bard (arcane leader) - much better than previous editions
    Warden (primal defender) - protector of nature, transforms into guardians of nature
    shaman (primal leader) - uses spirit companion to help allies
    Druid (primal controller) - dropped healing aspect of 3.5 but maximizes wild shape
    Invoker (divine controller) - divine wizard, brings about wrath of god sort of thing
    sorcerer (arcane striker) - chaos or dragon mage, packs a lot of power, chaos powers very random, but all beneficial

    shifter- not much more than what's found in MM (except feats)
    goliath - big sturdy rocky guys
    half-orcs - quick and furious
    gnomes - tricky tricky tricky
    devas - replacement for aasimar, anti-thesis to tiefling, all-around nifty
  9. Thriondel Half-Elven's Avatar
    What are the races and classes?
  10. benjaminze's Avatar
    maybe its like a plane stop over hes going from the nine hells to are plane to reek havoc but there is a lay over in the shadowfell
  11. Kwykblade's Avatar
    [SIZE=3]Whats with the portal to shadowfell? Asmodius lives in the Nine hells wich is in the Astra Sea?[/SIZE]
  12. benjaminze's Avatar
    we should probably be glad we didn't put anything else in the bag yet that could have been bad
  13. a5465371's Avatar
    Pheh! If it weren't for that bloodthirsty ranger killing everything we manage to disable, and our ever-pious priest "converting" enemies, Chislsefase wouldn't have a problem with runes when I got a chain-gang of sapper-goblins to throw! All my damn rope is getting hacked into string from my intimitable guests...
  14. benjaminze's Avatar
    there was no getting out of that thing we just had to thrash around and hope!
  15. Otakar's Avatar
    I like how the party just opted to stay inside the cube and attack. That was funny. They way I read it was that at first they tried to get out as a matter of principle but strategicly it was just better to remain. Funny! You're a good writer. Please keep the updates coming.
  16. cplmac's Avatar
    Very interesting read. I look forward to the next game session installment. It is nice to get to read other groups campaign progress. Best part is not having to buy books to follow the story.
  17. benjaminze's Avatar
    its Kalarel now Mom not Carl! loved those podcasts if you have not had a chance to read the penny arcade web comic yet you should check it out
  18. Farcaster's Avatar
    Irontooth? I think I have heard that name before on the D&D podcast. Is this from Keep on Shadowfell?
  19. AEBRPPKS's Avatar
    I apologize, secondary transportation have fallen apart. I will try to obtain a tertiary avenue but at this point it is not looking good.
  20. AEBRPPKS's Avatar
    Pardon my late posting, I have been rather preoccupied with work and being a bit ill. I am still reading the players manual and fleshing out my character. I am leaning more to a fighter at this point.

    I do have one issue, I am without a vehicle and my good friend recently had truck trouble. I am working on obtaining a ride from another friend there is a still high probability of my coming. I live on a military post, so even if you guys felt inclined to do so you couldnt give me a ride.
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