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  1. Interlude 3

    In a small clearing amongst looming trees, black in the moonlight, the head priest finished the opening prayers. Two tall braziers lit the hooded heads of the kneeling worshippers. The head priest, clad in a blood-red robe with green trimming, raised his hands high in the firelight and called for the sacrifice. In his hand gleamed a bejeweled dagger. The enforcers, wearing scale armor under their red cloaks, brought forth a badly beaten, bound, and hooded human.

    (parental guidance ...
  2. Session 3

    Session 3

    The aristocrats bit off more than they could chew; Phaux summoned Zee, the dire badger, and the aristocrats were bloody and dying only moments later. This of course is when the watch showed up to arrest everyone involved. The night captain had a word with the PCs in a garrison house. They agreed to properly rectify the aristocrats' bloodletting once the wounded were able to hold a meeting. Until then, all offenders had to register their local arrest.

    The next ...

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  3. Session 2

    Session 2

    Phaux rolls into the village, looking to do business/visit with Manfred. He finds Asher climbing out Manfred's window, and promptly makes a friend. The two meet Silas and Hubert (formerly Moon the grey elf) outside town hall, where they make plans to free Michael, or uncover the mystery of the late-night merchant. So Asher and Hubert inquire about getting a nighttime pass, and return to the village square with blank forms.

    Minutes later, the square fills with ...
  4. Session 1

    Michael and Silas discovered Michael's dad, Manfred, missing. Asher, a business associate of Manfred's, met up with them before everyone went to the town church to look for Manfred. Asher noticed an abundance of vampire posters in the street. At the church, Silas met Moon-bert-unit (insert good name here), who liked to talk shop with Manfred, and gave him the bad news.

    After some digging around, and finding an arcane scroll in the floor of the antique shop, the Party waited until ...
  5. A Summary of the Ages

    The World is a wonderful place. Civilizations come and go; disasters strike, and the earth grows anew. Of the ages of people, there have been three. The first is largely unknown, the second lies mostly in legend, and the third is where they find themselves presently.

    The first age was the time of the ancients. They ruled a glorious kingdom and enjoyed all the fruit of the earth. It is said that the ancients ruled over magic and monsters, that they were divine. These demigods gave ...
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