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  1. Gearing up

    Strauss pulled his headband tight. The thick scar underneath throbbed, but that usually ended quickly. Hunched over his cot in his garrison quarters, the captain buckled his boots and collected his daggers. A day had passed since the falconry school brats and Manfred's gang had left the constable's watchful eye, and neither party had returned. Which meant that captain Strauss would have to lead a posse into the country and find out what happened.

    He had some respect for Asher and ...
  2. The Empire Expands...and Metagame stuff

    The horns blared. In the village, warriors grabbed spears, bows, and axes, and ran to the outer defenses. The she-giants bundled up their goods, wrapped babies in slings, and started filling containers with water; the coming humans were known to cast fire-arrows. The clan and tribe shamans said prayers and cast spells of blessing. And the chief...he knew it would be the tribe's last stand. He painted himself for war, blessed his son, his heir, and donned the sacred mantle. Stepping out of ...

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  3. Tidbits and Karlston

    Asher's contact calls himself Sven. Sven's lead time on getting goods or information suggest that his network is either really slow, or it extends to Karlston, and possibly beyond.
    Also, Sven's access to expensive goods seems too extensive for Featherwood's resources (with the exception of falconry school students).

    Karlston has a population of about 10,000 people, excluding the surrounding farms. It's run by a noble called Lord Harold, who is rumored to be a strict follower ...
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  4. Levelling up

    For those of you who are 100% better than the others (level 2 vs 1):

    I have a thing for realism (in case you haven't noticed), which means I like classes, levels, ranks, and alignment to stay out-of-game. The way this translates to levelling up is that to get all the improvements of your new level, you must spend some time training in-game. The guideline is two weeks, but as an example, if you're a divine sage (cloistered cleric), you could reduce that to a week if you studied non-stop ...
  5. Session 4

    In the morning, the party met a watchman who escorted them to the garrison. There they met some chair-ridden aristocrats, one standing, and constanble Witherby, playing with his falcon. The aristocrats offered to let the party turn itself in for armed mayhem, or to meet on the country road for a duel of honor. After lots of debate, the party chose duel of honor.

    Asher met a hoarse-voiced watchman, who explained that the dragon cult would be willing to consider allowing the party ...

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