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  1. Giving 4e one more try

    Today I was invited over to one of my childhood friend's house my friend told me he had a game he wanted me to help him out with to my dismay it turned out to be 4e D&D. Now I have tried this edition more than one time as player and as DM and every time I did it always seemed to leave a very sour taste in my mouth.

    To me it never seem to hold the same magic the same feel that earlier editions did to me, however my friend wanted me to help him learn the rules of the game as he was ...
  2. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Here is the updated party map of the dungeon they have traveled so far.

  3. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Resheathing his blades in favour of his bow, the Hunter readies an arrow for distance and covers his Gnomish companion. As Peebo discerns the magical trap, Kael seasrches his mind for what it might be.

    Peebo searches the door covering every inch and finds a trap on the door after close to ten minutes he discerns the trap to be some kind of magical trap. He has some experience with magical traps but he knows they are far more difficult to disarm than those of a mechanical nature...... ...
  4. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Khan doesn't seem to notice the stench as he surveys the area. He looks at the bodies in the way they were killed.

    "Looking to see if those Orcs were aligned with the Sorcerer, not sure how only a few Orcs could take down this many foe even if it is over a time. They probably had help, used that ambush technique a few times, or more of them are around. I think the later...keep 360 coverage."

    With that Khan pushes forward nodding to the Ranger and Scout ...
  5. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Rickas tends to anyone who needs help recovering from the awful stench.

    Nobody seems to be injured, so he removes as much blood and gore from his morning star as he can and readies to move out.

    Until the illness wears off, the Hunter sits on his haunches, completing his stomach emptying as quietly as possible. His blades are still out and ready, but still. Gasping, he glares up at the door the Orcs came through. "We were followed. Perhaps even set up? There is little ...
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