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  1. Encounter A10: The Stewards Lair

    Encounter Level 1 ( 700 XP)

    1 Hobgoblin Archer (Helarr the pockmarked-wolf)
    2 Rage Drakes

    When the characters enter the room the notice that it is a very long chamber with an open roof. At the far end of the stewards lair is a large balcony that occupies that entire end of the far end. A set of stairs leads up from the center of the garden to a small landing, from here the stairs split to the left and right and lead up to the top of the balcony. The entire ...

    Updated 03-30-2009 at 05:35 PM by kirksmithicus

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  2. Encounter A9: The Guards Chamber

    *Not a very inspired encounter, but hey, they all can't be that exciting. I tried to make it as interesting as possible, but if this one is a little lackluster the next encounter will do them in. *

    Encounter Level 1 ( 625 XP)

    2 Kobold Dragonshields
    5 Kobold Minions
    2 Guard Drakes

    The characters have followed a long narrow (5ft.) passageway, passing by the storage rooms. At the end of this passage way they come to an arched doorway ...
  3. Encounter A8: The Wyrmpriest Chapel

    Encounter Level 1 (700 XP)

    2 Kobold Wyrmpriest
    12 Kobold Minions

    The characters open the door to see two Kobold and a dozen devout kobold followers. The PC's intrusion has interrupted some sort of ritual. The Kobold Minions are all on their knees and chanting while the Kobold Wyrmpriests recite some sort of prayers. They will notice the Intrusion into their makeshift temple as soon as the characters push open the large steel doors. The room itself is lit ...

    Updated 03-25-2009 at 12:49 AM by kirksmithicus

  4. Encounter A7: The Common Room

    Encounter Level 1 (650 XP)

    2 Kobold Dragonshields
    4 Kobold Skirmishers
    20 Kobold Minions (non combatants)

    Prior to this encounter the characters will find that there are two entrances that appear to lead up to the palace area overlooking the ruined city. They will find that one of the passages becomes chocked full of rockfall debris shortly after entering. The second tunnel leads a short way then turns and leads to a flight of stairs. These stairs ...
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  5. From hells heart I stab at thee

    The beginning of my Caves of Chaos Redux for 4e D&D. I will of course add to and refine this section as work progresses. Hopefully I should have most of it done by the end of summer.


    Hells Heart is a high alpine valley surrounded on all sides by impassable cliffs. This lush, well watered valley is several miles across and contains a small fresh water lake. The lake drains out of the valley through Hells Gap, a steep narrow gorge that ends in a high waterfall. ...
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