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4e Comments and Alternate Rules

  1. Non-heroic 4e D&D, or a Viscious New World

    Does the assumption that we all want to play "Heroic Fantasy" bother you about 4e? Well it does me, I've complained about this before so I won't go over it again. What I will do is talk about a possible way around the default Heroic Fantasy setting.

    So the other day I was messing around with the character builder and I happened to leave the character's class empty. This had an interesting effect on the character.

    Gone are the never ending escalation of HP, gone ...
  2. Feinting in 4e D&D

    I just noticed this today.

    excerpt from the D&D PHB

    Bluff vs. Insight
    Gain combat advantage: once per combat encounter, you try to gain combat advantage against an adjacent enemy by feinting. As a standard action, make a Bluff check opposed by the enemy's passive Insight Check. If you succeed, you gain combat advantage against the enemy until the end of you next turn.

    Give up an entire attack to get a lousy +2 bonus to hit? Not likely, especially ...
  3. Javelin, Spear or Other?

    I have a small question (actually a series of questions) about 4e combat and weapons but didn't think it warranted it's own thread because it's so specific. So I'll post it here. If you happen to play or DM 4e, I would appreciate your input. So my character uses a Javelin as a ranged weapon. If my character were to use the same Javelin as a melee weapon, would it fall under the weapon category of Spear, Javelin, or is it an improvised weapon (since it's intended purpose is as a thrown weapon)? Basically ...

    Updated 04-07-2009 at 10:58 PM by kirksmithicus

    4e Comments and Alternate Rules
  4. The Art of Racing Cows

    So here I was, laboring under the delusion that 4e combat was just really slow paced. Then I talked to someone in chat the other day and found out that it's a lot faster than 3e , yikes, really? So last night I asked some of the guys who play in our game, who all used to play 3e, if this was indeed the case. It appears that it is. All I can say is, wow! Maybe time has partially erased or blurred my memories of how long combat should or did take in the other rpg's that I used to play. I don't ...
  5. Why have At-Will powers?

    I'm starting to think that At-Will exploits should have been Encounter exploits or something else. Why? because a basic melee attack and basic ranged attacks should have been At-Will exploits. As it is, there is little reason to use one or the other of these unless you lack either ranged or melee exploits. Take my Warlord character for example, there is no reason to use his basic melee attack because he has three At-Will exploits that do the same thing, plus a little extra. So why would you ever ...
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