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The Curmudgeon's Lair

cur·mudg·eon: (NOUN) An ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions.

  1. Sons of Tyranny: The Temple of Wyan of Bodach

    The group decides to climb down off the butte and head toward the ruined temple to the west. They set out across the salt flat expecting to arrive at the temple in only a few hours. However, the simmering heat coming off of the salt flat made the ruin appear closer than it really was. After several extra hours of walking the group finally reaches the ancient crumbling temple. From a distance the group can see that a portion of the roof remains intact as do most of the edifices walls. They ...
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  2. When salads go bad

    Generally I don't point out or harp on other peoples spelling mistakes. This is because I'm not the best speller or writer myself so I tend to go easy on such things. Except for when it inadvertently produces something funny.

    Such as....the Flux Salad.

    If you happen to own the 4e D&D MM2 this monster is on page 184. Sure, they spelled it correctly every other time, but once was enough to make me giggle and imagine a group of PC's encountering such a creature deep ...
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