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  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Yep, I think too much, and yep I'm a little goofy, and yep logic need not be applied to much to RPG's.

    I hadn't thought of that, Eladrin exfoliate through teleportation, hmmmm very interesting. Though it dies explains why they all have such wonderful complexions.
  2. bloodtide's Avatar
    A little funny...haha.

    This does show the problem of people who think too much though. You could go on and on about the effects of teleportation. What about displacing the air? Does the air inside the body teleported also get teleported? If so, why, as 'air' is not part of the body? If you could clean yourself of all germs and the like..would you live?(We need bactera for example) Does equipment teleport? What about 'dead' parts of the body such as hair? And on and on...
  3. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    LOL. I played 1st edition for 12 years and surprisingly, I don't like it so much. Don't get me wrong, I like 4 edition on a basic level, otherwise I wouldn't bother playing it. I just think they made it too rigid with the archetypes and it has to many HP's, and (even as a player) the exception based thing gets old. The powers are fine, in moderation, but they slow down combat too much.

    I have played a 1st edition game where nobody had more than 3 hp. I've also played a 4e game where no one had less than 30. So on one hand, everything will kill you with one hit, on the other, nothing can kill you with one hit. Seems there might be some happy medium? I dunno, probably not.

    Also 1st edition has the same problem with HP and the level, and AC increase making monsters no longer a threat. I think it's pretty much hardwired into every edition of D&D. We played a 1st edition game once where the characters each killed about 24 gnolls each. Due to the fact that low level monsters aren't dangerous one you hit higher levels.

    My philosophy is that everything should be a threat, regardless of your level, and no opponent should be beyond your ability to kill (with some sound tactics, skill and a little luck thrown in).

    Don't take it personally, I'm like this with every game I play or have played.
  4. yukonhorror's Avatar
    I REALLY think you should look into 1st Edition and hybridize them a good bit. The thing you'd probably like is that monsters are much more treacherous (their to-hit tables are WAY better than the players). Our DM also gave them max hp (and not us) so they were grueling.

    But the mentality of 1st edition design is fairly straightforward, so could give you the rundown.
  5. Sascha's Avatar
    Part of this is likely a reaction to the perceived (and anecdotally 'verified') problem with power scaling. That is, a low-level spellcaster isn't much use without enough mojo in a fight (as mentioned above), due to BAB/THAC0 working against basic attacks.

    On the flip side, once you get to tactically-interesting spells and enough of them, the melee folk can be left out, still spamming their basic, full-attack/power attack, as things become immune/resistant to their lower-level tricks.

    Giving every class at-will abilities is one way of ensuring everyone has something interesting to do, each round of every fight. (It's also operating on the assumptions that no-frills attacks are dull, and you want everyone to have something interesting to do, each round of each fight. Not everyone, in fact, does want this )

    I suppose you *could* strip out at-wills (or bump them up to encounter/daily status), but you'll run into classes whose prime stats leave them behind the expected to-hit curve (as they were in previous editions, though not nearly as far), once they spend the limited resource powers.
  6. Groqx's Avatar
    Essentially, as I understand it, encounter and daily attack powers/exploits are all more powerful than at-will powers/exploits. Once the encounter and daily attack powers/exploits are used up the character can still rely on his at-will powers/exploits even if they do less damage. It works really well with the Wizard, who in the 3.5e and earlier versions quickly ran out of their usefulness in battle...then had to rely on their darts or dagger...or staff. Here they are treated like any martial class in that respect. Once their more powerful spells are exhausted, they can still cast that magic missile spell each round, as a Ranger might an arrow, or a fighter might attack with his sword.
  7. Groqx's Avatar
    Exploit vs. difference. the martial classes call the things they can do Exploits, while the spell casting classes call the things they can do Powers.
  8. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    yeah, now I just have to get them.
  9. yukonhorror's Avatar
    pretty nifty minis
  10. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    I have to say that Helarr the goblin druid really brought his A game this session. Which isn't that surprising, since the character is one that I made for a player who has not been able to make it to any of the games yet, but still wants to play. So Helarr gets passed off to whomever wants to play him. Session two he was played by the guy who also played the wizard. In session three, the player who has the wizard was also gone. So the player with the ranger played the druid also, with spectacular results. I was thinking of trying to get the Druid and Ranger players to switch characters, because I think they would really enjoy the game more if they did. It just seems that each is not getting something out of the characters that they play, and that they switch, that would probably do the trick. (Both guys play the same type of character in our other game also).
  11. yukonhorror's Avatar
    For the normal schmo, probably not worth it. For a rogue who gets sneak atk dam, but can't gain combat advantage in a normal fashion, it might be worth it.

    Also, it might be worth if you plan on using a super powerful daily power and want to make sure it works.

    As for 1/enc, I think it is because you can only fool someone once. I see it as a sucker punch.

    Finally, I think this is an artifact of the 3.5e rules. I don't know if it was 1/enc, but it definitely took a standard action to pull off, unless you took improved feint as a feat. Improved feint let you feint as either a move or minor action (can't remember which).
  12. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Fainting should be an At-Will as well.
  13. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Reviler
    Now, if WotC came out for every module they have squeezed out and created a carton of minis for it they would have had a SOLID seller that would hardly ever decrease in sales. Sunless Citadel? Kobold Skirmishers, Meepo and a Kobold Sorceress, Twig Blights, Goblins, Hobgoblins and a Bugbear, Dire Rats, Zombies, a handful of PCs and an evil Druid with a dire toad? I woulda paid $20 for that box even if I never owned the module. This coulda been a practice that slid seamlessly into 4e.
    Great idea and point. I would definitely do the same.

    Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
  14. Richard Littles's Avatar
    Buy Reaper Minis and avoid the scam of random minis. You get exactly what you want and the minis are 100 times better looking than the D&D minis.
  15. WhiteTiger's Avatar
    that "teaser" crap that WOTC is doing now by letting you see one miniature and then hide the rest behind a near impenetrable mess of hardened plastic & cardboard isn't much of an improvement. Everything WOTC does is based the CCG model that they've been using for the last 17 years. If they could find a way to make their books.. common, uncommon & rare then they probably would.
  16. michael's Avatar
    I have to play vicariously through other peeps games sessions. That was a good one.
  17. korhal23's Avatar
    I gotta say, I do like that they're releasing packs of PCs now that AREN'T random.

    And actually the game store near my place will buy your minis off of you if you want, then they resell them individually so you can get exactly what you want. In a way, I wish there were packs of minis made for the modules, but then again, you'd end up with people then going "I want to add this one monster from module A into module B but I don't want to buy the whole set!" Lesson: You can't make everyone happy, and random distribution packs for monsters isn't such a bad idea... if you really need something specific, EBay is your friend.
  18. mindflayer4u's Avatar
    I don't buy minis anymore. I sold evey one I had and now I make my own tokens with RPtools token tool and WotC book galleries. I paint my own pewter minis for the pcs and that's it. All you need is a printer, card stock paper, cardboard from cereal boxes and such, oh yeah and a good pair of scissors.
  19. Reviler's Avatar
    Marketing, marketing, marketing... Honestly it is the worst thing that ever happened to D&D. It wasn't WotC advertising department that made D&D socially acceptable it was the people who played growing up and becoming consumers.

    What does this have to the D&D Miniatures? Somewhere along the line a Marketing exec told an VP who couldn't pick out a D8 from a D12 that we were all the same animal. Magic sells because it is collectible! A lot of our D&D guys play Magic! If we make them collectible we will sell more! Then a long line of crappy, crappy minis were thrown at us in sealed milk cartons of disappointment.

    Now, if WotC came out for every module they have squeezed out and created a carton of minis for it they would have had a SOLID seller that would hardly ever decrease in sales. Sunless Citadel? Kobold Skirmishers, Meepo and a Kobold Sorceress, Twig Blights, Goblins, Hobgoblins and a Bugbear, Dire Rats, Zombies, a handful of PCs and an evil Druid with a dire toad? I woulda paid $20 for that box even if I never owned the module. This coulda been a practice that slid seamlessly into 4e.

    But they didn't. They went where they thought the money WAS. I myself own about $150-$200 of minis and ended up with nearly everything I needed to represent anything I ever did in a game and a bunch of crap I didn't need but found a use for. If they had gone module by module I woulda ended up with A LOT more (I am still on the lookout for Kobolds and Skeletons considering they made them all rares for some ungodly reason).
  20. Oldgamer's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more, I hate the D&D minis. That's why I buy Reaper's and paint them I only have the cheap plastic minis for large amounts of minion-type creatures like your standard orc, I have about 20 of them. But anything specialized can't be in a 'random' box.
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