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  1. Tamerath's Avatar
    Webhead...this is some fine work you got here. It was a refreshing read...Hope your group has a blast.
  2. GoddessGood's Avatar
    Heehee, people have names that I never knew about. Apparently Kid-Tied-to-Statue's real name is Coryn. Did Guy-With-Bowl-of-Lip-Balm have a name, too ?

    On a more serious note, I find myself liking the paper mini's and ruler, too. I've worked with grid and hex paper before and find I tend to ignore the lines in favor of fluidity of movement, so working on an open table top is better. It might be nice to have an outline of the room we're in and a couple of markers to show where important features are, though. I like how easy it was to get comfortable with the system, and am finding I can relax back into describing my combat actions.