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  1. templeorder's Avatar
    For a trip in the way back machine, throw on some Cure and let it play as a sound track to the movie Wall Street....
  2. PhishStyx's Avatar
    Excuse me, I'm picking boogers and watching bad movies in my snuggie on couch with my Old Bay JallyPANIO potato chips and a diet RC cola and listening to Cibo Matto sing Sci-Fi Wasabi on my iPod Touchy-Feely as my longhair Persian cat licks tunafish mayonnasie off my toes.
  3. Moritz's Avatar
    Yes, you are correct sir.

    Pre communication age, you know the time, when not everyone in the world knew when you picked your boogers because you had to blog about it.
  4. Farcaster's Avatar
    The 80s? You mean, back in the days of the 300 baud modem, and connecting one at a time to the local BBS's?