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  1. Matt James's Avatar
    Congratulations on going through EMT training. Let us know how you do.
  2. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken can not believe that she can not move. The drow surround them like a large living trap. She tries to move but can not. She feels her heart pounding hard within her body. She hates this, not being able to move. Not being able to do anything about the situation. She looks over the sea of dark faces and her eyes connect with his. She knows its him. She can tell the subtle differences. She has been tracking him, as surely he was tracking her. His gate is that of the one she followed. His movements just like she had seen before. He moves with a grace that the others mock in their own strides. And he has bested her at the game. How had she become so slack in her skills? He surely is the better ranger. Her eyes look into his light ones, looks deeper, and something tinges her soul. She knows what her goddess had said, so long ago. At least she thought it was her goddess.. It..
    Is he looking at me... is he seeing me? Why , why is he looking at me? Are they going to kill us? Will he come over to me and slit my throat. Since I have lost our little game? Will he come over here and gloat in my face. Will he kiss my cheek then stab me in the back. (her face turns red). God, they are going to kill us. (She watches him and the group. And when they start to leave) What are they doing.. the left us alive? This makes no sense.. if they are evil. Why did they not kill us? Why....
    Perhaps there is some good? Perhaps he ...... Perhaps our little game is still on....

    (Please let me know if you want to do anything with that drow that i wouldnt know, or etc)
  3. cplmac's Avatar
    No, this game uses the 2E (AD&D second edition) version. Glad that you are enjoying the read. I am thinking of doing a journal for my character in the game that is going to run while I work on creating the continuation of the Tsojcanth campaign.
  4. planetchain's Avatar
    Hi cplmac,
    I'm new to Pen and Paper Games. While investigating the site, I found your blog. I really enjoyed reading it. It had everything-a chase, a dungeon, a puzzle, creative players, a challenging battle, and treasure. Your post was exciting, and it reminded me of why I enjoy D&D. Thank you for posting.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can find your earlier posts by searching under your name, yes?

    By the way, are you using 4th edition rules?

    Have a great day
  5. cplmac's Avatar
    Thanks for the compliment. I just hope that if it works out that I do have to generate more story to keep the characters going, that I can have it be as good as the original module that it started from.
  6. Oldgamer's Avatar
    Good story, hope it continues.
  7. Oldgamer's Avatar
    Lol, Minotaurs on bulls ... what a picture Bull-men on bulls
  8. templeorder's Avatar
    Good prioritization. Glad you were able to have fun too... wish all my game sessions were so rewarding!
  9. Otakar's Avatar
    Hey CplMac, that was very cool of you to stop and lend assistance. It sounds like they really appreciated it as well. God bless you, thank you for your service and I hope you had a great Memorial Day!
  10. GoddessGood's Avatar
    I've run through a bee swarm a couple of times, too. Can be scary, but mostly it's just a pain to clean. Your entry made me want to build a gaming table, though. I always seem to need more room
  11. Aeval's Avatar
    I dont know how to explain it...
    But we must not let that DROW (Spit the word) get the artifacts. We must find them soon.!

    She looks like she wants to jump up and wake the others..
  12. starwolf013's Avatar
    Yes. I will listen, and I will protect. Thank you. Oh, thank you.

    Her voice sang to him as he replayed her instruction over and over in his mind. She was so sweet, so understanding, and she provided him a sense of further purpose. She assured him that he did not walk alone, that all had been forgvien and never been lost. Still, it was important for him to remember this evening and the pact that he had made.

    As he studied from his spell book, it was her voice that resonated in his mind. Her voice that read the words from the pages, reminding him of his obligation.

    The daybreak still has failed to reach the others of the party when Arocken speaks to Weslocke. He is surprised to see she has returned. He speaks in whisper.

    "You have returned! After last night I was unsure that you would. Are you alright? What happened out there?"

    It is apparent in his elven eyes that Weslocke has easily forgiven Arocken's misjudgments from the night before.
  13. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken goes back to the bunkhouse after sunrise... Her eyes glazed a little. She goes and sits down on her bunk.. Looking into space, as if she is in her own little world. When she sees Weslocke she jumps up and grabs his arm desperately.

    "Weslocke I am sorry. You are right. I was wrong. Please forgive me. "
  14. Aeval's Avatar
    Angry, She watches him a moment standing there. She cant believe this. She had started to trust him, but he is just like all the others. Why did she ever try? She wishes she could just go home, but there is no home left. She turns from Weslocke to find solace in the woods, in nature. She needs to feel her animals friends and to greet the morning light. She must pray. Perhaps with prayer she will find answers for this. Perhaps prayer will sooth her heart and mind. Or at least patch it so that she can go on another day with these "people."
    Arocken takes one last look at wes standing on the path, then slips into the darkness of the woods to be alone with her thoughts.
  15. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke stops. He still within sight for Arocken to notice his head lower and fist clench to his side.

    She doesn't know. She doesn't understand. You'll need to talk with her, help her to see. And if despising your views because of ignorance will help protect her from an unseen evil, it will be worth it.

    Without connecting with another for so long, Weslocke wants to turn back to explain.

    No... It is of no use tonight. Perhaps tomorrow when cooler heads can prevail.

    Weslocke sighs.

    And what if she's right. We are not always what we seem...

    Weslocke tries shaking the thought from his head.

    It just can't be possible. It can't!
  16. Aeval's Avatar
    "Weslocke, I thought that you were different. You are prejudiced against him just because he is this.. drow? Because of something his ancestors may have done to your ancestors?
    I thought you were different, i thought that you wouldn't be like that. I guess you think that I am also a monster. I am Part human and Part elf. (She tears up in anger.)
    Perhaps the medallion was dropped to show us that he too is a follower of Elhonna. He may be a noble creature! He may be the answer to everything that I need to know! "
    (She yells after him)
  17. starwolf013's Avatar
    "That is no elf. That is a monster."

    "It was his kind that was responsible for some of the greatest pains my people have ever experienced."

    He looks at the upset human. How could she possibly understand the history that has outdated her centuries over?

    "That ... "elf" ... is likely to be dangerous, and is surely only interested in itself. The gnomes must have been wrong. That medallion could not have come from that Drow, unless it's a trophy from one of the victims it likely murdered."

    Weslocke steps close to Arocken.

    "I am truly sorry for the pains you have felt in your past, and I am more than willing to help you learn more about your noble grey elven history. But chasing after that creature is NOT the way to go about it. You are only going to put yourself and likely the others in grave danger. The Drow are not to be trusted."

    Weslocke turns and begins walking back the way that they had came.
  18. Aeval's Avatar
    My brow furrows.

    "HE is an elf. And HE probably ran because i was stupid and brought you along. Yes, mistake. I wont do that next time."

    She folds her arms across her chest , she looks sad and angry.
  19. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke appears very alert and defensive. He scans through the dark forest with infravision, looking for any sign of the elf's direction to no avail.

    "This was a mistake. You should not have come looking for it at all... You did not tell me IT was Drow."

    The thoughts of the past days raced through his mind.

    What can it want? What is it waiting for?

    Where did it get that medallion? WHERE DID IT GET THE MEDALLION?!?!

    And even in the darkness, Weslocke's passive deep blue eyes seem glow with a sense deep concern and mild panic.
  20. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken stands there against a tree. Her head down. She neither moves nor looks up as Wes catches up with her.

    After a moment she says sadly

    " I should have come alone."
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