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  1. Programming and Gaming (2)

    Ok, so you're probably wondering. "Why is Freejack talking about programming?"

    Fair question.

    If you recall from the prior postings, I started with computers because of gaming so programming is integral to and supports my gaming. Without gaming, I might never had started programming and I wouldn't be here today (or perhaps not at this point anyway).

    Today, I'll give you a quick run down of where I am now, in the 21st Century.

    You recall ...
  2. Programming and Gaming (1)

    There has to be a purpose, a reason for writing a gaming tool. People don't generally just start writing software. There's a perceived need, something missing or just a personal need to create.

    Much like gaming adventures or sourcebooks. Someone, a Ref for example, spends time running a game and decides to clean up the adventure and make it available.

    I'm not sure what sent me into the programming realm though. I see all the tables for Car Wars spread throughout the various ...
  3. Programming and Gaming

    I'm a programmer from way back. Heck, it was because of gaming that I started learning how to program back in 1979 or so.

    At the time, I was running AD&D three times a week. I had a 2'x3' sheet of stiff cardboard with a quarter inch grid. I covered the board and taped down three sides so I could slide the grid paper out if needed. As a graphics artist, I used some rub-on letters and numbers to create a header, drew some lines and used a grease pencil to keep track. I also had a ...