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  1. Freejack's Avatar
    It's a challenge. Heck, filling out a form is simple but managing the information so you know how it affects other aspects of your character and the game is where it gets complicated

  2. Skunkape's Avatar
    Interesting how you can take something as simple as a character sheet and go hog wild with it! Quite a while ago, I started creating websites for each of the games I was running, and with those websites, I usually created a database on the back end that related to the site so that I could store characters, character journals, adventure write ups that I did as the GM, equipment, etc.

    I've even created character creation web pages that work in conjunction with the database, so I know where you're coming from. Funny thing about it though, I don't use a computer while I'm refing, only use it to track campaign info outside of the game! :-)

    Good luck with your programing endeavors!