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  1. Back again...

    Yeah, so I've spent the spring being fairly quiet online. After an amazing TempleCon 2009 (twice as many people as TempleCon 2008!), I didn't get my usual month-long break, but plunged right into an amazingly hectic dance performance schedule (11 shows over the course of 10 weeks, with 8 different costumes and sets of choreography - crazy!), with people already banging on the door wanting to know about TempleCon 2010.

    In response to feedback from TempleCon members and due to an obvious ...
  2. The Mind Fairly Boggles... the way this event is coming together.

    Event coordination is like an extended case of stage fright. Months and months of it, slowly coming to a boil in the weeks and days leading up to the event, until you're there, and all of your skill and experience and preparation take over, so that the fear is replaced by this Zen state of supreme competence and exhaustion. Sarah Bernhardt, the French theatre's equivalent to Napoleon Bonaparte, once said that you are no true actress if ...

    Updated 02-02-2009 at 06:09 PM by Xionicist

  3. TempleCon Ate My Life... And I Keep Feeding It!

    Yeah, it's kind of crazy when you realize that you've been largely off-line for the greater portion of a year, because all of your time is taken up with one thing. Even crazier when you sacrifice the greater portion of your gaming time to that one thing. And the irony is, that one thing is all about gaming...

    Welcome to the life of a convention director.

    After months of preparation for TempleCon, the steampunk gaming convention that I co-organize, we are nearing ...